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Christmas Special

We are renewing the Halloween scouting fest until January 2nd.

Until then, non subscribers can borrow a vehicle for a small (in game money) fee, and participate in a very exciting part of the game.

With their brand new armed combat car, they will be allowed to join or to venture alone in scouting events, around the relatively safe area of Somerset, one of the Northern towns of Evan.

Beware though, scouting is not a dog walk, pirates and mutants are looking for your skulls to celebrate the end of the year!

Sam and Stephan

Core Developpers

Darkwind: War on Wheels

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    BORROWED CARS at CHRISTMAS, Safety first !



    Borrowed vehicles

    Take a Antagonist for your first Team Scout - buy a spare HMG magazine and sling it in the cargo too( If you must solo take the Desert Striker ). The Moose has two good reliable and predictable weapons - HMG does more damage and has 20 rounds, CR is more accurate . These safe to fire and point blank and you can afford to start firing earlier to get sustained fire bonus. In a team scout , the battle will be won just as you are about to reload the second mag.Vulnerable to Rockets because of weak bottom armour

    The Desert Striker is a opportunity sniper, go wide of the initial confrontation and look for weak, turtled or trapped cars. Other easy kills are slower cars that have no weapon to bear on you and are more interested in some other car. A single HMG will chew through side armour in 4 or 5 shots , but the vampire must maintain speed and not get obsessed with a single target. NPC cars are very good and protecting their weakened armour, Vampires can switch targets to exploit cars that involved with other fights and your teammates will love the 'wingman' support.

    The Mutant Marauder is handfull. The Rocket launchers are 'burst' effect and can harm you and your friends too - do not go to point blank with this car.That said Rocket launchers are accurate and good with crowds of tightly packed NPC cars. Stay wide of the fray and start to orbit your left and right Machine Guns. Side weapons can inflict up to 3 rounds worth of fire before the enemy has you back in his front arc again - and all the while you are firing and trying to evade his front arc.

    All three sound exciting vehicles , but most people find the Antagonist (Moose chassis) the most reliable and forgiving.

    It is the common basis for your first owned car


    That is it, pretty much the best advice anyone ever gave to a newbie in DW. You might be lucky enough to be reading this before you have bought your first car, if so please go back to the lobby and ask anyone there how there first solo scout went. I estimate over 80% of players have been premature (in some way) in their first solo scout

    You need two gang members in a car for wilderness events. in order to fire and reload. The second crewman will drive home your valuable loot car for you. Solo drivers are more easily stressed and less likely to surrender .

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