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  • NetzokoNetzoko PhilipsburgPosts: 1,271Member

    Originally posted by sven101

    Originally posted by Netzoko

    Not exactly. Even with the Factions expansion you can still GvG, RA, TA, HA with anyone else, regardless of faction, making it FFA. When you make a toon in GW you don't pick a side to be on.


    Actually.. If you purchased Guild Wars: Factions you will unlock a new PVP arena called AB (=Alliance Battles) Each guild have to pick a faction, which is either Kurzicks or Luxons. These two factions have to fight again eachother.

    I do have factions. Regardless if you are Kur or Lu, you can still fight anyone in the real PvP game mods (GvG, RA, TA, HA, ect)

    Just because it has a single game mode which you choose a side doesn't make it "factioned" PvP IMO.


  • UploadUpload Nowhere, KSPosts: 679Member
    Originally posted by Netzoko

    I do have factions. Regardless if you are Kur or Lu, you can still fight anyone in the real PvP game mods (GvG, RA, TA, HA, ect)
    Just because it has a single game mode which you choose a side doesn't make it "factioned" PvP IMO.

    AB is considered as ''real pvp'' I do get your point, as this just counts in one single arena, and doesn't effect other pvp events.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member

    On the complexity...


    A Game such as City of Heroes is prolly the easiest to start playing and to understand off the bat.  But it is also 1 of the hardest to master.  The level of customisation and all the impacts of every choice is tremendous.


    It is far easier to master EQ then CoV, but it was far easier to "understand" and start playing CoV then EQ.


    Mastering a game is not only been successfull, it is been the most efficient you could...and honestly, it is pretty hard, maybe impossible, to master a system such as CoV.  Yes, everyone can understand that taking a power allow you to use it, that putting some slots in it improve it...but what enhancement do you put, is it better to put 6 enhancements on your main attacks, or to divide it kinda evenly on your less frequents attacks as well.  And then, which IO set bonus to get, is it worth it to lose 10% in accuracy to get another bonus?


    A proof for that, take 1vs1 PvP.  In EQ, the same guild wins all or almost all the BoB competitions, serverwide.  Where they always the BEST players who understand everything?  I doubt that, they just have better gear.  In CoV, in 1vs1 PvP of 2 identical characters, a group which would wins 3 times would be doing great (on the 125 possibilities), because it would be the player understanding of his character that would make the difference (or the lag), not the incredible gear advantage.


    In EQ, all the "expert players" will agree about their character.  In CoV, you can take the 2 best players of a particuliar sets, and they may have opposing views on quite many topics.  Veterans players often disagree on stuff that "should" be comon knowledge, and it is often hard to say who is right, as the ramifications to each choice are numerous.


    One of the reasons I like CoV soo much, it is the difficulty someone has to actually master it completely.

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • Gemini_IIGemini_II Abbotsford, BCPosts: 8Member

    Tabula Rasa could be added to this list. I only played during beta, so feel free to clarify or expand. My suggestions as follows:

    PvE: Grouping, and good solo ability

    Crafting: Has Some

    Performance: Zomg New Computer

    Difficulty: Average


  • JrodJrod Omaha, NEPosts: 234Member

    To the part about pve grouping I would add D&DO that game is designed around grouping Also I would add D&DO to the monthly payments and the retail box.

  • 3ddyt3ddyt FleetPosts: 20Member

    Wow, should make that list more available to players as thats a lot of data that can be very helpful!


    Also im wondering if theres a lot of opinion in there...


    ahh well! Thanks :D



    Edward thomas

  • wesley1955wesley1955 Shenandoah, IAPosts: 1Member

    Well done. Concise list. Much appreciated

  • xiaozhuxiaozhu SingaporePosts: 26Member

    Hey um, apparently when you said WoW has Average graphic requirements, that isn't really true, when your going through really messy raids, there are requirements for it to need higher than average computer specs. This being, it allows the raid to work better because no one will lag, therefore the chances of getting a wipe are smaller.


    Also, you might consider placing WoW's difficulty in the Average state. Some end game raids aren't that easy to deal with. It requires strategy planning as well as proper classes and gear.

    Other than that, this is a rather good list

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    nice list

    WoW estimate should be revised


    since Patch 2.3 its almost twice as fast to level under 60

    Bliz also removed almost all heroic content outdoors under 60 - its mostly nonelite


    from my own experiences since patch 2.3 - I had a hunter make 40 in 2.3 days /played -- solo questing

  • snuffysmythesnuffysmythe Omaha, NEPosts: 15Member

    A couple of problems with the OP.

    1. You have grind listed in days.  This is unrealistic.  Some people play 10 hours a day, others play 2 hours a day.

    2. You should list the type of grind also.  Grinding 1000000000000000 imps for levelling is much different than quest grinding where you have delivery missions and boss missions and etc.

    3. Soloability is in 99% of games nowadays.  It would be much more valuable to know if any games completely lack soloability.

    Overall I think it's a good post though.

    As to the person who tried to get him to modify his PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION, please don't try to think you know what the OP wants to recommend.  Personal recommendation is opinion not something others should try and alter because they are a fanboy of a certain game.

  • AgentHozeAgentHoze Tonawanda, NYPosts: 8Member

    As far as "lots of PvE grouping", EQ2 went almost totally solo for lv70-80 in the RoK expansion...seriously. Dungeons aren't worth running at low levels, the loot sucks, and the xp is horrible outside of solo quests (and that's where the loot and achievement xp is at, sadly). It's really killed the grouping game. The lower levels are still alright but from that 70-78 gap you're pretty much stuck soloing until you pass out from the agony of it.

    For "PvP freedom" EQ2 has an exile faction option along w/the good or evil faction, so you can get that freedom. Also the combat has "partial looting" (a big chunk of their currently-carried coin and sometimes random items they're carrying, nothing equipped or no-trade or attuned though).

    As far as crafting complexity, EQ2's used to be EXTREMELY deep. Nowadays, while it's involved, it's down to "throw in the ingredients, spend a minute hitting the reactions and getting the item to fully made, done". I would take it off the "Deep Crafting" list.

    SWG should be added to the monthly fees and "box/download/whatever needs to be paid for" list.

    The difficulty section should probably be renamed to "complexity" as the "difficulty" of a game is much different from the learning curve and depth of the mechanics

  • CytoplasmCytoplasm Lodi, CAPosts: 1Member

    MapleStory has been out since early 2005 and the max level has not been reached yet...whoever put in 60 days is an idiot. FangBlade is the rank 1 player and is Level 191, maximum level being 200. That being one has reached the level cap yet, and for hardcore gamers it would take 4+ years.

  • V_Repoman_VV_Repoman_V Edgeville, TXPosts: 22Member

    I dont know if this is the right place to post, so apollogies in advance.

    I am an ex runescape fan and i am looking for a new similar game since solo pk-ing/staked duels/merchanting/item loss upon death/gift-giving all have been recently removed from the game.

    I tried some suggestions in your list and would like some other recommendations if possible.

    Any game must have grieving control, 'honor-pking' [fair 1vs1 fights to the death with item loss], a somewhat medival theme, and zero restrictions on money exchange [no fixed prices in player-player trades].

    A game without fixed character classes would be preferred.

    I know this may be a hard one to find an answer to, but i have only recently quit the only MMORPG i have played for the last 3 years and there are just so many out there .

    Im not really wanting to buy 10 before i find the right one.

    Anyway, all replies appreciated & tyvm


  • V_Repoman_VV_Repoman_V Edgeville, TXPosts: 22Member

    I wanted to add that RuneScape takes far longer than 100 days to reach the level cap.

    In 3 years of major grind on 3 accts, my highest is a level 72.

    all of my accts are pures, but i would estimate achieving max combat level 126 at about a 1-year grind.

    2 of the 7 combat stats needed to achieve level 126 require tons of in-game money to train to 99, so non-combat stats must also be trained for a realistic shot at max level.

    Just my 2 cents as a longtime runescape grindie

  • redfoxqcredfoxqc rouyn-noranda, QCPosts: 3Member





    Section 1: Grind

    Actually if you do use lvling exploits: 1-2 weeks

    If you play fair: 1 months

    Section 2: PvP

    Duel mode

    (you can pvp if both parties do accept to do a guild war or duel)

    Section 3: PvE

    solo ability

    (you can do nearly all missions alone. but its much more fun to be in group)

    Grouping Instances

    (classics pve instances with various obectives. You can redo it multiples times and you get new quests over time)

    Section 4: Crafting

    has crafting

    nothing really in-depth for now but they plan to revamp it all.


    Powerful computer.

    need a good video card to fully enjoy it

    section 6:

    easy (most game mechanics, crafting is a bit obscure about what effects do till you test it more)

    section 7:

    "I want direction in my gaming, I don't want to wonder aimlessly through the world"

    (quests are clear and a good amount of them)

    "I'm looking for a game that's a total sandbox"

    (you can also wander and kill stuff but you will gain lot less xp for same playing time)

    if you enjoy exploring this game have good potential.

    "I'm looking for an MMO without PKs and gankers all the time. PvP annoys me"

    (here you do pvp only if you are in a guild that challenge other guild. 1 vs 1 duel are extremly rare and you can always refuse to participate)

    section 8:

    Monthly Fee


    You can buy a box at store but it will cost you more than just buying it online on plaync store and downloading it.

    section 9 LANGUAGE


    If you buy it online you can choose between english/french or other languages. If you buy at store you are stuck with the box language.

    French translation is decent in TR especially actors voices. But really some words are totally weirds.

    Real Life inspire legends
    Legends inspire myths
    Myths inspire games.
    Welcome to RPG world.

  • SpellforgedSpellforged Belvidere, ILPosts: 458Member Uncommon

    Yeah, seemed like a good list until I saw that you put Final Fantasy XI under the solo category. I wouldn't take anything in this list to heart especially since FFXI is listed in the solo category. Everything in that game requires a party after level 10. Also, RF Online isn't a grind at all. My friend nearly hit level cap after playing for less than a week at 6 hours per day. -_-

  • LlamsterLlamster Malibu, CAPosts: 234Member


    Take RuneScape off the "Open PvP" section and place it in the "Arena/Instanced objective based PvP" section. The game was updated recently so that PvP is now confined to a large arena and several minigames (it's still full loot, however). Besides, it wasn't really open PvP in the first place.

    There are grouping instances in RuneScape.

    It seems that you forgot to put it in the "has crafting" section.

    There's also a premium version of the game that requires a five dollar monthly fee.

    Tabula Rasa

    I haven't played this game, but judging from the system requirements, you should put it under "very powerful computer".


    Have played: RuneScape, EQ2 (free trial), Last Chaos, Silk Road, Dungeon Runners.
    Currently playing: RuneScape, Dungeon Runners.

    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

  • LobotomistLobotomist ZagrebPosts: 5,497Member Rare

    "I'm looking for a game with lots of PvE grouping"
    There are no MMOs where people always group no matter what. However, there are games where the players tend to group a lot. Below are games where the chat channels almost always have LFG spam.
    Recommendation: Everquest 2, World of Warcraft <- Remove WOW this game caters to much to solo player - groups are only formed for dungeon instances , FFXI , Add COX <- A lot of grouping goes on in this game


  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare

    Why did you put Final Fantasy 11 in the Solo Ability section lol.

  • icedutahicedutah west valley, UTPosts: 67Member Uncommon

    I really think LOTRO has better graphics than EQ2.  It should be ranked #2 after Vanguard.  

  • Alces_VAlces_V Washington, DCPosts: 4Member

    Thanks for all the above information.  I knew about some of them, but not all.

    I actual join this forum to get information about a new game to play.


    Here is a quick description of the perfect game for me.


    I would like one that has little grind, or at least grind that seems meaningful (quests instead of camping a spawn).  

    Something that I can do most if not all as a solo (sometimes I just want to get on for a couple of hours and play - not worry about my friends being online or having to join a party).D&D player).  This should be closer to the top of my list of "wants."


    I don't want to deal with PvP unless I want to deal with it.  When I think about the early days of UO I often wonder why I stuck with it.






  • BaywillowBaywillow Bryan, TXPosts: 70Member

    Not sure if you've managed to play Neocron yet. It is quite a unique sci-fi mmo that has been around for a few years, but it isn't well known. As a player of 4 years, here is Neocron:


    Grind: It takes about 21 days to reach max combat level

    PvP: It has optional (A brain implant protects you until removal) open free world PvP and non-faction PvP (with consequences)

    Full loot of player items is possible if the player has very bad soul light (like security status in EVE)

    PvE: It has both solo ability, but forced group PvE for some classes such as the Psi Monk PPU (healer class)

    It has meaningful quests with lasting rewards. It also has repeatable missions for grinding money and xp.

    Crafting: Its deep in this game as it is the basis for equipment. For example, items must be researched to produce blue prints, parts must be bought, and then they must be constructed. Along with construction, and researching, there is also recycling, bartering, hacking, repairing, driving, implanting, and salvaging, all of which are necessary in this game world

    Performance: It can run on a low end computer

    Difficulty: It has an average learning curve

    Payment plan: Monthly fee

  • Alces_VAlces_V Washington, DCPosts: 4Member

    Thanks.  That sounds interesting.


    Anyone with a Fantasy suggestions as well?


    Alces _V

  • NeoMandaloreNeoMandalore Sacramento, CAPosts: 7Member

    Maybe the OP doesn't have enough experience to comment on this topic, but it'd be nice to see an "Amount of Role Playing" section.  I know most people forgot what the RP in MMOPRG was originally about so it doesn't come up that much any more, however it'd be nice to have a little something thrown in at the end.  Otherwise awesome post.

  • MMO_FanMMO_Fan okc, OKPosts: 177Member Uncommon

    Shadowbane could  be included in these categories:

    Section 2: PvP

    Non-Faction PvP (Kill Anyone.)

    Faction PvP (Lore Server Ruleset)

    Full Looting (and stealing)

    Open World Objective Based PvP (City Sieging)

    Open/Free World PvP (Can be attacked anywhere by anyone)

    Section 8: Payment Plan

    Free to Play

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