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Fairy Coins

TytheslyTythesly Saginaw, MIPosts: 4Member

How do you get fairy coins?


  • johnd893johnd893 omaha, NEPosts: 3Member

    you get them from fairy's drop them. and there used to use the fairy's skill

  • Alexian07Alexian07 MedellinPosts: 6Member

    The fairy coins can be used too chande for unseals from lvl 35 and 45 in the Black Merchant is at the side of the fairy merchant...he only appears sometimes:


    the exchange rate is this:

    1K of fairy coins= unseal part lvl 45

    600 fairy coins = unseal 35

    1 kal runestone = unseal part 55

    2 morph runestones = unseal part 65

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