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Stay away! Corrupt Oz GMs frame player

reallybesreallybes Jersey City, NJPosts: 2Member

I advise everybody to stay away from this game. The newly appointed Game Masters are corrupt. One of them had a personal grudge against a player, so he snuck onto her account, used it to post obscenities on the game's public forum, then banned her until 3007 (1 Thousand years) for "her" misbehavior. Then a moderator (a regular player who has special responsibilities in game) did her own investigation and found evidence that the IPs of the obscene posts matched those of the OZ Game Master. After she exposed him, he confessed to the moderators of the game, but not to the general Oz public. He did not return her account, did not offer her an apology, as of yet, he chose to remain silent after her attempts to contact the GMs and even Ubiport Inc. (company that owns oz world). 

Read more on the story, see the evidence, confession, and witnesses here:

Play this game at your own discretion.

Remember, the Game Masters are people who have all your account information, passwords, emails etc. Do not join a game that has GMs who would pull this kind of stunt. Stay away.



  • merloc555merloc555 council bluffs, IAPosts: 29Member

    oh heck no. lets hunt that guy down


  • Noct23Noct23 BridgendPosts: 3Member

    The GM referred to is long gone.  Things seem far more stable and there is alot more input into the game nowadays like there used to be. 

    There will always be disputes between GM's / Admins & Players, I guess in any game. 

    What happened here there was no excuse for, it was a rogue GM doing bad things ... now he's gone. (apology was posted by other GM afterwards but ban was not lifted due to continued comments and campaign agains't game on external websites... it got messy) 

    I hope Bes is able to come back at some point, we miss her


    x x x


    en,i know

  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

    Not even an apology.....Rediculous

    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

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