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Very nice!

Vanguard-TPVanguard-TP vancouver, MSPosts: 35Member

This is a great FREE MMO! I have been playing for a couple of weeks now. I have been playing other free MMO's in wait for Age of Conan or Darkfall. I quit playing the other free MMO's from the crap communitys after just a few days. Dragon Raja has me hooked with a great community and lots to do. The game is loaded with PvP, crafting and lots of mobs with lots of loot. The game is by far from the best looking, but somtimes older is better. Well if you want a smooth running free PvP MMO with a great community, Dragon Raja is for you!



  • Arkane11Arkane11 manchester, NJPosts: 55Member
    Post some screen shots
  • boboyoboboyo Sacremento, CAPosts: 15Member
    I love this game


  • ookillerookiller toronto, ONPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Here's some heads up before you think about playing this game. Don't play because its full of hackers, dont play because thats where all hackers go after they are banned. if you find any good servers let me know and ill join and pwned all of ya


    i love this game too

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