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Just a quick question ...

mackdawg19mackdawg19 Shiloh, ILPosts: 842Member Uncommon

I was watching X-Play last night and they had a quick minute run-down of what Second Life was. They also talked about how it was in a CSI:NY episode. Well once they started showing the game, and after downloading and watching the episode in relation, i started wondering why in the hell is this game considered an MMORPG. Im not going to doubt its an MMO because it seems you can have a massive amount of people on one server in one world and all relate to each other. But were is the RPG for this game. I couldn't even find one rpg element this game has. Is there one? If there is not, why is posting this game on thier site. And what has happened to the defination of what you guys considered MMORPG's. It seems as though with all the games coming out, that in time this site will just become an online gaming site, and less about mmorpg's. And dont get me wrong, im not talking about GW or HGL as they atleast have somewhat of an RPG feel and elements even if they are not true MMO. ALso i found it very comical that X-Play stated that the average users for Second Life log on for 12 mins ................................................................................ a month. At first i thought they were just trying to be funny, but then they stated that those are numbers from the company itself. So all i ask a dev on to do, is find out why this game is considered an rpg, then look at his definition for why games are listed here on this site, and ask himself should this game really be here. Im so not one to talk about issues like this as its your gaming site and as a web developer i get these questions alot. But seriously, what the hell is this game doing here? Are you guys going to put the Sims on this site, because it should if this game is here. And just to let you know, i do play Sims online.



  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIPosts: 5,613Member

    X-Play classified it as it is because there is no "I attempted to be a metaverse and failed horriably" category.

    as for why it shoule be on I guess people could download it for a while and have a few kicks on it. 

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

  • alakramalakram malagaPosts: 2,291Member Uncommon

    Well, I can tell you SL is really fun once you understand it, but yeah, is not an mmorpg, is not even a game,  is just a MMO or a Virtual Interactive Enviroment. SL is all about meeting people and creating stuff. Why it is listed here?. Maybe becouse is an interesting thing to look at.

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