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EverQuest II: All Around Norrath - Remember When?

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Today, we kick off a new column as Adele Caelia travels the world of Norrath in EverQuest II, talking to players about their experiences. Today, she talks to folks about their fondest EQII memories, and shares some of her own.

With the upcoming third birthday of Everquest II it is not surprising that many players find themselves reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Just like in real life, as time goes by people look to the past, and think about what once was. A favorite topic that has been going around as of late is the “Remember when?”

This prompted a few guild mates and myself to play on our alts and visit one of our favorite old zones, The Ruins of Varsoon. As we made our way through the ruins we realized that we were doing more talking than fighting. Our past encounters were more on our minds than the golems currently pounding us into oblivion.
The Ruins of Varsoon were at one time “the place to be”, and there would always be players LFG standing in front of the ladder, or the grate that led into the zone. Remember when those LFG players would suddenly find themselves being massacred by the giant purple ape that lived in the very back of the zone? Players would draw aggro, and run for their lives, hoping that it would turn around and leave them be, but this was not the case, and the purple monkey would follow them all the way to the front forcing them to zone out. Did the monkey go home now that its prey was out of site? Oh no, he would stick around and snack on the poor players who stood there LFG! Of course this is no longer possible since this game mechanic has been changed, but it’s still pretty funny to think back on it. The zone holds so many memories for all of us. Remember when someone in the group wouldn’t make the jump into the tunnel? They would fall into the spider pit and aggro all the spiders down there. Remember when players would camp the golem room for enchanted shards? They went for 5g each after all! That was big money back then. How about the elevator to the mines in Zek? Players had to be careful to watch their step. Someone could be standing there, invisible, ready to pull the lever and watch them fall to their death.

Read the whole article here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • JuJutsuJuJutsu Toronto, ONPosts: 331Member

    Nice article. I played on the test server. My fondest memory is the event for constructing the Gryphon Towers.

  • neschrianeschria Johnstown, PAPosts: 1,405Member Uncommon

    I started really late in EQ2, so I don't have any "good old days" memories, but I have to say that I do have fond memories of the Christmas events last year.

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • HexxeityHexxeity Kansas City, MOPosts: 848Member

    We were standing around waiting for our group to gather, and I (playing a Warlock) had just learned to turn people into frogs.  Of course I was smart enough not to broadcast that knowledge to my friends the moment I learned it.

    So I used it on a teammate, and another teammate sort of freaked out.  He was all "..."  "Dude.  Did you know you're a frog."  Dude!  You don't understand!  You just turned into a frog!  Can't you see it?!?"

    He went on for a while until I canceled the spell.  I have a feeling he may have exaggerated a bit for comedic effect, but it was hilarious at the time, and by far the best moment I ever experienced in that game.

    I was the saddest Warlock in the world when they added the option for a player to turn off shapeshifting effects.

  • AdeleAdele Staff Writer undisclosed, MOPosts: 90Member Common

    Ah, yes. I remember when illusions were so cool. Being a conj, I couldn't wait to get my air illusion, and the group golem. Running through Varsoon and scaring people! haha! Good times.

    I used to always look forward to the fun spells. I wonder why they quit putting them in?

    ~Adele Caelia

  • WarpHunterWarpHunter Vancouver, WAPosts: 147Member

    Back when EQ2 first came out, I met up with Wakrob and Enubia on the Antonia Bayle server... We would group up every evening and we had the funnest times.  Unfortunately I did a bad thing and quit EQ2 to go play WoW of all things since my real life friends were playing it. I just recently got back into EQ2 (when EoF came out) and while its been fun playing with all the new content of EoF, DoF, and KoS, those beginning few months will probably always be my fondest memories of EQ2.


  • NetSapiensNetSapiens GanlosePosts: 7Member

    I touched on some of these as part of my blog, so this is a partial rehash:

    • Climbing Lucan's Mount in Commonlands, only to discover a golem who did so much knockback I died on landing...
    • Turning a corner at lvl 17 and running headlong into gustfeather
    • dodging those orc patrols with nameds and their cohorts.

    Good article btw. I enjoyed the read.

  • pfloydguy84pfloydguy84 willimantic, CTPosts: 146Member Uncommon
    I played the game shortly after it was released, it was my first mmorpg.I remember seeing qeynos for the first time, getting my room and seeing all the nps talkign to me and waving and signaling me for come to them.It was awsome.Fighting the scarecrows in antonica for hours on end and getting to level 20 and finally becoming a conjuror, was really awsome.Getting to level 20 back then was a big deal, as you got you're final subclass, a last name, a fun spell, and a "signature spell" for your class.In my case, a fire elemental.Also, the giants in TS were amazing to see for the first time, grouping up and grinding them for hours, was fun.BB in antonica was relaly fun back then too, jumping down the waterfall, discovering hidden nps with quests standing at the bottom.I miss the random outdoor grouping of the game.Everything is solo nowadays, which is kinda good, but it would be nice if they kept some outdoor grouping too.Antonica and TS just arnt the same to me when everything is soloable.Seems less, heroic and epic.Of course, as games age, it gets harder to find groups in lower levels, and so I guess its a neccisary evil.Still, I'll never get that feeling again playing this game.
  • mlseveromlsevero NiteroiPosts: 5Member

    I remember when I betray freeport. I was almost killed by Lucan D'lere himself and needed to run out to antonica. I became lost in nek forest and all mobs was red to me. One guy stops what he was doing and help me to go to the docks ( thanks, my friend ). I'll never forget this run for a new life :D

    []'s Marcio

    ps: sorry for my poor english. It's not my language.

  • methulahmethulah CygnetPosts: 236Member

    It's at the best it's ever been. The times I'm having playing now are the best times of them all.

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