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TheIggTheIgg Shillington or Reading, PAPosts: 6Member

 is this game in a different language and do you have to pay or u can only play it for like a month then u have to pay...


                                                                                                 reply if you know!



  • SramotaSramota YstadPosts: 756Member

    Apply your crappy threadtitle to their homepage.

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  • drakmord2drakmord2 recifePosts: 2Member

    Priston tale  can be played in english,portuguese,thailand(i dont know his language name hehe) and korean, only the brasilian version is free


    hi to all, i am new here, i hope this anwer your question

    and sorry for my bad english hehe(i am brasilian)



    Priston tale hard-core player  ^^ waiting for pt2





  • TofkeTofke GeelPosts: 266Member Uncommon

    Bit late but: Thai

    Njeh just stumbled upon this post... :D


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