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What was your server and name?



  • GindaccaGindacca San Diego, CAPosts: 55Member

    Most of it is in my sig.

    Started pre-CU as a ranged fighter.  Don't remember what lower ranged branches I mastered.  I did briefly try out BH, because I liked their acid and electricity guns.  Got owned by a couple of NPC marks and gave it up.

    I liked the idea of creature handling and had some cool pets, pre-CU.  A mantis-type beast that I think I tamed on Dantooine, and some interesting cats.

    Only did minimal crafting.  Never cared to try ent. profs beyond a few quests that had me dancing and jamin' for NPCs...

    Long live the Rebellion!!!


    EDIT:  The mantis-type beast I spoke of above was a Klik-nik....I think it came from Yavin....still not sure of the origin though.

    **Returned SWG player**
    IGN: Gindacca, RACE: Wookiee
    OLD GUILD: [cCc] (aka: BOC)
    PROF: Light Jedi (elder)
    (pre-NGE PROF: TKM/Master Swordsman)
    SERVER: Chimaera (Euro)

  • ThaneBThaneB Virgnia Beach, VAPosts: 131Member

    My name was soilder ( and no it's not a misspelling :P).

    I played on Eclipse and I was a rifleman.

    I quit 1 1/2 month before the cu, due to boredom and i have to say i made the right decision.

    You can't say that civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.
    -Will Rogers

  • MandarrMandarr omaha, NEPosts: 300Member


    Mandarr Sanguinary  -  mastered all but the polotician profession

    Monsarac Sanguinary  -  master doctor

    Morbus Sanguinary - Jedi

    This website is a safe haven for trolls and haters. I'm done with this pathetic site.

  • sgtcaseysgtcasey Albuquerque, NMPosts: 5Member

    Server: Bria first, then Intrepid when they offered the free character moves

    Toon: Tene Vepotig (yay for random names) which was changed to Tenexb after the move to Intrepid.  I had Tenexa as my crafting toon on another account and on the same server.


    I only began playing SWG about June 2005 after a friend at work suggested it to me.  On the way home from work that afternoon I stopped off at Best Buy and grabbed a copy.  I don't think I got to bed until about 3am that night.  I was hooked.

    SWG was the first MMORPG I ever played.  It's hard to describe, but there was so much to see and do.  I bounced around professions for a while before finally deciding to have a pvp toon on one account and a crafting toon on another.  I pre-ordered The Trials of Obi-Wan and got the awesome bunker house and spent hours moving all my stuff around in it until it was just right.  I got Master Bounty Hunter a week or so before the NGE hit and absolutely sucked at killing Jedi, but the search to find them and then wait them out was great fun.

    I managed to grind out Master Armorsmith on my crafting toon mere days before the dreaded November 15, 2005.  I had visions of crafting the best armor on the server with folks lining up at my vendor for my latest creation.  I gave the NGE about two weeks.  Finally after getting fed up with the bugs that had been introduced into the game, I bid my guild goodbye, gave the guild leader access and admin rights to my house, and canceled my accounts.  *heavy sigh*

    I've been back a few times, but I only manage an hour or two of actual game play before leaving again.  The game is dead.  There used to be hundreds of players hanging out in front of starports on Tat or Naboo.  Now those places are empty and that right now is what keeps me away from the game.  The Mining Outpost on Dant used to be *packed* with folks looking for a group.  If you go there now you'll be lucky to find 5 people hanging out there.   How sad what SOE did to the game.

    If SOE ever rolls the game back I'll be one of the first folks to sign up and play again.  But I won't be holding my breath.

  • cheapherkcheapherk New Castle, DEPosts: 59Member


  • goofy3kgoofy3k warminsterPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    Emok - master many, mainly master droid engineer - euro chimaera RIP

    Jaster Darkstarr - Master BH - Euro farstar RIP

  • Bogoa2000Bogoa2000 Conley, GAPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    My main was a heart broken Bothan named Peelop on Carbantis server. SWG was my first real experince in RPG mode. Kinda idiot at times trying to roleplay everybody. I was and currently (tag) Elder Doctor.

    •  Master Doctor and Combat Medic 4434, Novice scout, Marksman 2/0/0/0. (Laser Rifles 109-759).

    That builded changed to Level 80 Spy after GCW. I never learned the new system.  I will stay active just because I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan.


    In my heart I think their will never be any other mmorpg that could replace SWG because it brought people together and WE wasn't afraid to know each other as bothers and sisters in RL, to me that's what made SWG the greatist concept (title) ever in the history of gaming. Yes, I shout I had more fun with SWG then any other MMO I ever played! Thiers rumers that one couple married behind SWG from Carbantis server that isn't confirmed Just a good old tale.

    For the life of me I will never understand how WOW was a replacer-two different MMO. Anyway my little piece.


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Canal Winchester, OHPosts: 1,704Member Uncommon

    bria server character name eleu, what was the point of this again?


  • dromardromar gfhfcn vc, CAPosts: 34Member

    im gunnu make a tamer

  • PicklefootPicklefoot Salem, ORPosts: 218Member



     Titoa Scibi (Whatever the FOTM was)

     Pap Alan (Smuggler/MTK/Pistoleer)


  • DavynelordDavynelord Atlanta, GAPosts: 122Member

    I was a resident of Ahazi.  Had  a nice little resort outside of Theed, Naboo.   I went by the name of Armun Shogun, a rebel Warrant officer II and a member of Mctrog (MCT) who later merged with Flails and formed Lightside Order (LSO)..I'm sure Shadows remember MCT well (nice battles on talus :D)....armun was my first toon whom I planned to be a pistoleer but eventually unlocked jedi (not a force village jedi) after mastering less than 10 professions (8 to be exact).....eventually I mastered all of professions though thanks to   

    I also made a home for Asomeia Talia,  a beautiful Twi'lek entertainer/medic whom later became a BH and though she became force sensitive, never wanted to be a jedi :)  She resided on Intrepid...never had a home of her own as she practically lived in either the med center or theed/coronet cantina's when she was neutral.   Later she roamed planet to planet in search of those the empire deemed as rebel scum.....she later joined the empire.


    where they are today?  Who knows...maybe deleted, maybe frozen in stasis on a distant planet in the far reaches of the outer rim.....Armun was always excellent at espionage though, so he could be roaming amongst the people of Naboo as I write this ;)



  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    Ashtann Karath - Lowca (BH/TKM then commando/pistoleer)
    Yrok - Lowca (BH/carbineer)

    Osheolad Zaphakola - Radient (ranger/carbineer)

    Vicci A'Tivo - Tarq (commando/musician then BH/smuggler)
    Ekinn A'Tivo - Tarq (NGE Jedi)


  • Imohtep316Imohtep316 las vegas, NVPosts: 22Member was Zero Kinobi, was a swordsmans/crafter in training loved it....second mmo i played but best i ever played...will miss it.....hopefuly bioware's new mmo is kotor online

  • AltosAltos Charleston, WVPosts: 64Member

    Server: Eclipse


    Altos (MBH, Swordsman, Ranger, SL, Pistoleer, Carbineer, Rifleman, Jedi (MLS, MDef) Now Elder Jedi Junk Dealer

    Loch (MBH) Now Elder BH

    Hershey - Trader (Structures)


    I miss the old game every day.

  • insanegiinsanegi Big lake, MNPosts: 10Member


    insanegi awol




  • SpeedMetalSpeedMetal Houston, TXPosts: 2Member


    1.Freud: Tka/Fencer/Pistoleer

    2.Tbone: Bh/Smuggler

    3.Songbird: Artisan/Shipwright/Merchant

    6-03 to 11-04

    Jumped to wow before the crap came down

  • StuheroStuhero Honolulu, HIPosts: 143Member

    Valcyn: Estrella DeFuego, Stuhero, Marciano Leuna, Justanada Heroe, Fuego DeEstrella

    Gorath: Estrella DeFuego, Stuhero

    Ahazi: Estrella DeFuego, Stuhero, Stubedobedo



    NGE You, you NGEing NGEer, Stick this Starwarsy NGE up your Iconic NGE!!! Some Noobs have told me to get over it, I will as soon as it is gone and my friends are back!


  • eRAZOR2007eRAZOR2007 aPosts: 70Member

    <System Shock>

  • PonicoPonico Montreal, QCPosts: 650Member

    Server: Sunrunner

    Name: Zag Hazumason (shown as Zag Littlezag)


    I was the leader of -revolution industries- and the founder of the All Channel and it's sub structures.


  • DeltorDeltor Denver, COPosts: 47Member

    Server: Bria


    *    Ackin [Mon Calamari] - Master Doctor/Master Medic/Master Merchant/Master Riflesman/Master Droid                  Engineer/Master Artisan/Master Scout

    *   Speepa [ Rodian] - Master Structures Trader


    Both of which I still play now after a LONG haitius.


    Games Tried: TCOS, 12sky, 12Sky2, Rappelz, LoA, GO, HO, GMU, Warrock, TR, PWI, SotNW:GE, PotC, EVE, MxO, PotBS, KO, HO, 9Dragons, LotRO, DDO, L2, Maplestory, Second Life, CoX, GW, EQ2, Ryzom, WoW, Planetside, SWG, FE, Aion, Allods, CO, etc

  • wizyywizyy Novi SadPosts: 629Member Uncommon

    Server: Lowca

    Character: Saal Anarion

    Fencer/Swordsman (melee forever, hating ranged in any MMO) - then exploited poorly done respecs to become full template Jedi in CU, then quit (because CU was ), then checked NGE, then got perma-banned.

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