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Could this be the next SWG?



  • ShaydeShayde Cape Coral, FLPosts: 4,529Member

    Originally posted by Bob_Blawblaw  Originally posted by winter

    One problem Bioware will never make Kotor online. They sold their rights to Obsidian which pretty much trashed it and has no plans of another release. They have themselves stated they want to stay away from making expensive IP games where most of thier profits go to paying for the IP rights.

    Holy cow you certainly showed how much you know about IP and licensing.

    First of all, a developer does not sell their existing rights to another developer, it is purely at the discretion of the IP holder to determine.

    So, Bioware does not have the right to sell their license to any developer. Only LucasArts does, since they own it and grant it to whom they see fit.

    Bullshit. It's all situational.


    $OE bought the rights to Matrix and DC Comics from the developer of MxO when they bought them out.

    EA bought the rights to Warhammer when they bought Mythic.


    When you buy the option on a license, and that company is bought... they own the option on it. It happens in movies all the time. Whatever "rights" the licensee has in the contract stays the same depending on how the contract is written. A license agreement is considered an asset that is bought when you acquire the company... it happens ALL THE TIME.

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    It sounds great, so great in fact, I pitty those who canceled :( - Some deluded SWG fanboi who pities me.
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  • daarcodaarco GavlePosts: 4,497Member Common

    This sounds amazing, finally some good news for all sandbox/SWG-pre-CU fans : )

    Why cant a major company do this instead of doing those damn #"¤*¤"## WoW clones?

    It takes some real people to decide to do it. Gratz......keep up the good work.

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    ZO might be fun if it ever gets far, I don't care if it lacks the licensed content that real Star Wars (or EU) contains, I liked the game core mechanics, interface, economy, profession mixing templates and several other variable capacities.  The NGE took away the majority of those which is why I no longer play, I even tried playing a little in Sept during the vet reactivation trial and though NGE has improved, is still not even impressive and I came across some very annoying bugs and Jedi is still as buggered up as it was when NGE came out.  I still like my BH though and smuggler seems a LITTLE better (I'm one of the few that managed to create a 3rd character slot).


  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    Dear ZO fans!

    It’s been a while since you’ve last heard from us, and we’re sorry for the lack of communication. However we do have some updates.

    Zuroth Online will be taking a new approach.

    We're also answering the concerns that ZO resembled SWG Pre-CU too much (even though we did have a lot of unique features), so we are going to try to distinguish ourselves more in terms of the skill system. However, we will still have the customizability, uniqueness, and player interaction that made SWG Pre-Cu what it was. What’s going to change?

    1. The way skills work. You will NOT have to grind to get a full skill template in ZO. You will be able to assign your skill points in any tree, with no experience grind. However, in order to become proficient at whatever you chose to learn you will need to get experience points. Each box in a skill set has so many XP point slots, and the more XP points you assign to that box the better you will be at whatever is in that particular box. XP points will be awarded by actually doing whatever it is that box entails. You will be limited on both skill points and total XP points. You will be able to re-learn things whenever you please however you do lose all experience points and it does cost some credits in order to do so.

    2. A complete skill set related to Mining and Farming will be implemented. Mining and Farming will be much more than just placing objects and letting them collect. With mining you’ll be gathering raw resources and you’ll need to refine them into finer resources in order to sale. With farming you’ll need to actually grow your crop, and experiment with different seeds in order to produce better results.

    3. Smuggling, and Bounty Hunting will become more of a secondary skill like piloting will be.

    4. We’re going to be a lot more open in our design announcements. Since we’re going to be spending quite a while designing some of the new mechanics, we’re going to go ahead and get your feedback during the design phases.

    5. What does this mean for a release date or beta? At this point we really can’t tell.

    6. PVP will be encouraged by Arenas, and Battlefields. If players choose to do so they may focus more on PVP and make a PVP geared character.

    7. PVE will be encouraged by world dungeons. It was a hard decision to make, but we’re going to greatly limit the amount of instances that we have in the world. This has its ups and downs but we feel we can effectively control the down sides to this.

    I would also like to say that you probably shouldn’t expect very many screenshots showing gamep lay, or other features for some time as we're still going to wait for a better release from our engine before we begin coding. However, we will start working on our art database, and will be posting screenshots of that as we finish it up.

    We’re happy to have you back! If you have any questions about the new changes in development, please post a message on the forums.


  • RagonzulRagonzul OsloPosts: 3Member

    Damn im excited, just hope the game will live up to my (or dare i say our) expectations. Hurry up with the Beta

  • oronisioronisi bumblef, NJPosts: 284Member


    doh....looked like we had a few devs with their head in the right places but not enough funding or people to make the game real.


    This happens WAY too much, and the companies that do have the resources make crap.

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