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For those of you who want Bioware to make the next Star Wars mmo.....



  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Calgary, ABPosts: 2,156Member

    I have always been wanting an online version of KOTOR, the crafting system and interaction are awesome.  As someone else said, games goes to SOE to die, and it is true; Matrix online, PlanetSide, EQ, EQ2, Vanguard and of course SWG all dies.  All these SOE games has a very very sharp drop in popularity, even the old age EQ.

    I don't think EA is as bad as SOE is, but EA has a ridiculous reputition for bad marketting as well but at least they don't overhaul a subscription based game to something you don't want to pay for, SOE (or just Smedley) knows nothing about "the customer is always right".

    Screw the mystery and waiting, I just want SOE to put a classic server back up, SWGEmu isn't developing fast enough for me. :)


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