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who would come back if there was classic?



  • ShadusShadus Louisville, OHPosts: 666Member Uncommon

    Pre-CU Yes, Post-CU No.


  • Rodnee42Rodnee42 KC, MOPosts: 41Member

    Pre-CU yes

  • seaghostseaghost San Diego, CAPosts: 3Member

    Yes if Pre-CU

  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel houston, TXPosts: 8,844Member Rare

    I'd be ok with a pre NGE or pre CU, either one will suffice

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  • CeddCedd Marion, NCPosts: 67Member

    My First post at


    Yes I would resub my accounts for Pre-Cu only. The one when we finally had Space and our ships. Earlier pubs would be even better if they can get vehicles and ships to work.  Smed's Appology reopened some old wounds for me and probably countless others who remember the game as it was. (Yes it had it's faults with Def stacking, Melee top combat class,  everybody in composite, ETC.) But show me another game with this much Diversity and Freedom in a sandbox..

    I know quite a few who would resub for this experience one more time. So many things I didn't have time to do and enjoy, Many Professions I grinded yet didn't really get to experience. So many places I simply didn't have time to explore. So many adventures I didn't get to create for me and my few chosen friends.

    Time that I wouldn't waste again.


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  • SlangerSlanger San Francisco, CAPosts: 280Member Uncommon

    It's obvious that there are many vets that would return in a heart beat if Pre-CU servers were announced. The problem is SOE/LEC don't give a rats ass. I mean the whole BS excuse about "We don't have the code anymore." Yeah okay, I have the code of a shitty text based game I made in High School. And you're telling me a company no longer has the code to a game that cost millions of dollars to develop? Either way FU SOE/LEC Pre-CU is coming and it's going to be free. If they do come to their senses, You're damn skippy I'll be there naked with no credits and my melon, standing in front of the starport.


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  • KazaraKazara Cape Canaveral, FLPosts: 1,077Member Uncommon

    My husband and I would have all accounts resurrected if classic servers were coming on line. I would prefer the JTL time frame. I have reservations about the Jedi Alpha class being present in a mmorpg, so it would be nice to have a 'Jedi Free' server. 


  • tulaktulak EdinburghPosts: 17Member

    Yes if it were Pre-Cu.

    Didn't mind the CU but i wouldn't come back for it.

    I'm selling these fine leather jackets.

  • jakada15jakada15 boise, IDPosts: 4Member

    Pre-CU Yeah, like most everyone else.


    I hope SOE takes all the posts into consideration,

  • miagisanmiagisan NY, NYPosts: 5,156Member

    i'll take anything PRENGE at this point...i loved SWG prior to the nge


  • materva26materva26 Knoxville, TNPosts: 64Member

    Pre-CU? I would be back in a heart beat...though I would have to start over being I sold my old jedi before CU1 hit:)

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    I would in a heartbeat, but we all know the devs are too stubborn to do such a thing.  I have recently tried out SWGEmu and although it is nice, it has a looooooong ways from completion.

    The CU & NGE has caused the population to drop from over 300,000 down to below 50,000 (precisely 84%).  It would make sense for devs to put the classics back up since they don't have much more to lose anyhow and the chances are 50% or more of the vets would return if they do put up classics.

    Vet player since launch day (yes I actually got to log on the first day of live).


  • wizyywizyy Novi SadPosts: 629Member Uncommon
    Me me me!

    Edit: I would actually even pay more than usual monthly fee!
  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

    long as its pre NGE Id subscribe

  • PicklefootPicklefoot Salem, ORPosts: 218Member

    If they started a new server, and hyped that shit. It would be a major success. Too bad they are retarded game wreckers.


  • DreadlichDreadlich Marysville, OHPosts: 597Member Uncommon

    I liked SWG too, but I think that if SOE gave you guys exactly what you asked for, it would flop. I stopped playing when they changed it like most of you, but I don't recall it being the Shangri-La you people speak of. It was mediocre at best. And if you're STILL bitching after all this time, then I doubt giving you exactly what you want will stop you people from complaining. Let....   it.....  go.....

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  • dA_fReAKdA_fReAK Houston, TXPosts: 384Member

    I'd want to try it... the thought that I never played it back then makes me sad.

  • Bane82Bane82 Gainesville, GAPosts: 1,242Member Uncommon

    No, I'm still pretty burnt from what SOE did with SWG

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