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What is the hook?

TwohededboyTwohededboy Oak Ridge, TNPosts: 200Member

Ok, so I know this game deals with vehicles and interstellar travel, but what is the hook? is it just the buying and selling of commodities? Is there conflict? Is there Politics? A space sim is great but not for a monthly fee. Can some one enlighten me on the purpose of what you do in game?

As a side note why do they have the D20 logo on their site?



  • M0U53RM0U53R noname, KSPosts: 4Member

    The wiki page might help answer some of your questions


    Most players end up buying plots of land and building mines, farms and townships. Building requires materials so you have to find a way to make money and buy them or mine them yourself. There is some combat ingame...but it's mostly used for PvP dogfighting below cloud level. The closest thing to politics is the alliance system. You could create a group and recruit them or pay them bonuses.As for the D20 logo, it means they have used parts of the D20 system.



  • WopatoolieWopatoolie herePosts: 4Member

    dif version of the sims, only you fork out steady cash for this one

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