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The Genoma Storm

Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

Breaking News Brief

Attention: General Public

The Genoma Corporation has released information regarding its superior mechanized armor units, personal armor, personal weaponry and more. This declassified information is available for the first time to the general public and is expected to bring in thousands of new military recruits, eager to serve. Genoma Corp are calling the information campaign the "Genoma Storm."

While it has been obvious for some time that Genoma possesses superior technology and that they are at the forefront of galactic bio engineering research, this public information release is unprecedented.

All civilians are encouraged to visit for additional information and links regarding the Genoma Storm.



Sign off,



  • LeJohnLeJohn Las Cruces, NMPosts: 313Member

    Any time frame till an open beta?



  • Hamilton-NEOHamilton-NEO San Dog, CAPosts: 75Member

    I would like to provide a date, but it is too early to provide a Beta time-frame even with the Phased Approached method.  All I can say for Beta Testing, is just to keep checking back.

    Sign off,

  • DystopiaBoyDystopiaBoy A Dystopian City, SDPosts: 222Member

    The OP pic looks similar to the old Battletech Locust model. I luv me some Battletech! Actually from seeing other screen shots some of the other mechs look like they are base on Battletech/Earth Siege stuff (imo anyways). Cool!

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