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Force of Arms modellers at play

MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 309

This was created from beginning to end by one of our modellers, Captain Hammur also including his own personal touches of storyline and added soundtrack. It's an early demo, no particle effects and a little flair for effect. Thought'rs would like to have a look at just one of our many designs, this one being somewhat transformable.

Or stop by and visit us in the forums at to comment or say hello. We recently added in a new Lorescape (#12) as well.





  • tylerwicktylerwick gahanna, OHMember Posts: 446

    This looks great, you have some great talent on your team  ;)

  • mannequinmannequin PerthMember Posts: 165

    that accualy foes look pretty cool, nice work team :) :p.



  • daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAMember Posts: 1,569

    Heh, that was pretty cool.



  • tailoutailou MacauMember Posts: 54 Uncommon

    looking forward to see what comes next... so far it looks cool.

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  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAMember Posts: 3,440

    The texture work looks amateur and the model looks excessively high poly for a game.  The landscape looks pretty nice with the effects though.

    Use Aircraft pictures to make the texture on the mechs.  It will look alot better.


  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIMember Posts: 5,613

    it's modellers at PLAY.  ofcourse it's going to be high poly, and unless the person loves texturing those won't be the best either.

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  • MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 309

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I think he had a lot of fun making it. We should be having a few more ..."official" ones posted up to the public website/forums fairly soon.

  • zerojszerojs dfdfMember Posts: 3

    cool, cant wait to see more official screens and vids, hurry up! :)

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