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IP's that NEED to become MMORPGS



  • ConleyConley Somewhere in the...Posts: 195Member






  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 AmpangPosts: 167Member Uncommon

    Well for those of you who're rooting for Shadowrun,I don't know if you guys/gals had gotten any whiff of this news piece yet but it seems that FASA Studio is closing shop and are either reassigning some employees to Microsoft Game Studios or letting the remainders go.

  • jaharjahar kentville, NSPosts: 234Member
    Originally posted by SioBabble

    Originally posted by jahar

    Oh yeah now i know this is a bit off topic since its not an IP, but id like to see a game that starts in the stone age, and technology advances through the players.. doing research, discovering things etc... up until some some futuristic point determined by the devs.. they could even throw in major world events, like an "end of the world" type of war, and it goes from sci-fi to post apocalyptic.. different places in the game could play differently,  like one place be european middle ages, while far, far away would be like ancient china.. and the game would have to be set up too so that these two places were incredibly far apart, and maybe no super fast travel system( until modern). i know all this would take an inredible amount of work, and probably wouldnt happen, but it would be fun.. oh and have different servers at different points in the timelines

    This is an incredible idea (MMO Civilization!) but I have no idea how they'd pull it off.  MMOs have persistent worlds.  Allowing players to have this kind of impact would require a GM/Dev team of extraordinary talent and commitment...becaue the world could not be persistent at would evolve.  It would also be an MMO with a designed ending.  From a business perspective, this is very radical indeed.  Perhaps it could run in cycles?  Over say a five year period, the game moves from the stone age to the space age, then, once you get to Alpha Centauri, the entire game rerolls back to the stone age and it starts all over again?


    I can't see something this radical every being financed, either.

    Hey, I'm glad to hear some positive input.. i was a little scared to post, but this one of the best threads i've read. alot of constructive thoughts, and creativity flowing here

  • rosleckrosleck Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    2 words for ya: Babylon 5

  • BobRossBobRoss new philadelphia, OHPosts: 213Member


  • desirieldesiriel PisaPosts: 98Member



    Clear mind for me: an IP-based MMORPG with limitless possibilities and genre-crossing.

    DUNE: ideal for a sandbox game, difficult to implement on the political-background side (without politics and deceipt wouldn't be Dune !)

    RIFTS: it would be a blast, just rules would need to be rewritten for the SDC-MDC thing

    WARHAMMER 40K (they're already working on it, I know...)

    MECHWARRIOR/BATTLETECH: not a cross-genre but, as someone already suggested, would be great on a EVE-like structure.

    ANy of these, if designed coherently, I would play immediately !!! 


  • ZodanZodan TamperePosts: 564Member



    Originally posted by desiriel 
    MECHWARRIOR/BATTLETECH: not a cross-genre but, as someone already suggested, would be great on a EVE-like structure.

    Exactly what I was thinking as well, would be truly awesome! Another nice would be Rolemaster based in Shadow World.


      About RM&Shadow


  • midwestnetsmidwestnets Bennington, NEPosts: 81Member Common
    Originally posted by LeJohn

    The game I have been searching for is a MMO ShadowRUN.

    Seems to be a pretty popular choice.  I was a little disapointed when I saw the new one was a FPS.

  • GreenChaosGreenChaos Chicago, ILPosts: 2,268Member

    Originally posted by Conley



  • HisdonHisdon Poquoson, VAPosts: 1Member

    I saw like, one person mention Magic: The Gathering.  That's pretty disapointing.  They could make an amazing MMO based in the world of Dorminia, and have xpacs in the bag with Mirodin and Kamigawa, maybe even Phyxeria.  There's so much that could be done with that IP and its lore.

    I saw a few people mention Naruto, but what about One Piece?  Personally I think it has more potential, with a large world and the whole pirate theme.  Make classes like Swordsmen, Captain, Carpenter, Thief, Chef, Doctor, ect, and allow players to form pirate crews (basically a guild) and cruise around together.  Hell, add devil fruits too and make them somewhat unique from one another (since I think only one devil fruit of each kind exists in the world?) if players want to give up the ability to swim. :O


    Far as the next Square/Final Fantasy MMO, it would be a pretty easy thing to correct from their mistakes that they made in XI (which, in its own way, was a really cool game)  Just pit Vanadiel against Ilvalice in a world on another continent, and allow players to also explore the old nations (if you look on XII's map, it actually looks like Vanadiel is north of Ivlvalice.  Considering there's five races on each side, it works easy.)


    A Pokemon MMO would be really, really cool.  Think the gameboy games (which we all know were really fun), only in real time with other trainers in the same world.  It could be totally pvp centric and have so many arena/tournament and free for all pvp opportunities.  I'm really surprised one of these wasn't made for either Pokemon, Digimon or Monster Rancher already. 


    No one's said Stephen King's The Dark Tower series yet?  Doesn't have to be based around the idea of getting to the tower, but you could be survivors in mid-world, end-world and our world that are fighting against the Crimson King's forces.  Or maybe even play as a vampire, rat person or tah-keen (sp?  can't remember what he called them)   Tons of lore there and a very interesting world.


    While not an IP, I'd like to see somethign take a similar route as Dark Age of Camelot did.  If a company took major mythology from every area of the world, made it into a fantasy setting with factions based on the nations of origens, it would be amazing.  Picture Chinese mythology vs Arab mythology vs Greek vs Norse vs Celtic vs Native American vs African vs Japanese vs Indian vs Egyptian vs Atlantis (a fictional one based in a steam age that uses very crude versions firearms and giant suits of armor).  You could play as lord knows how many races with more classes than you could shake a stick at.  Could easily be both PVP and PVE centric and for kicks, make the world map Earth!  I think it'd be the best MMO to date for a truely international release, because it would draw interest from almost every heritage.  

  • FarquaniaFarquania ., FLPosts: 120Member

    I typed "Am I allowed to type Fullmetal Alchemist" but my post was deleted due to having a referral link int he signature.


    A Fullmetal Alchemist MMO would be really cool but it might be better as a single-player RPG.


  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    I guess we all have our IPs we love, but not any IP can be made into a MMO, at least not a decend one. It needs a minimum level of complexity and various "cultures" or "sides" to be really interesting.


    My fav ideas are:

    Traveller - it was (is) a pen and paper sci fi game

    The Belgariad - a fantasy series of David Eddings

    Star Wars of the KOTOR era

    D&D in Faerun

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • WarblazeWarblaze city of villainsPosts: 183Member

    Full throttle

  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCPosts: 2,663Member

    I wanna see Age of Conan make good use of its comic book IP

  • xalodexalode Cary, NCPosts: 18Member
    Originally posted by cheshyrecat

    Warhammer 40k (which is already in the works - )
    Shadowrun (yup great idea.  so much lore, profession possibilities, fantasy AND Sci-fi components!  ppl get to play their elves and we get to shoot them....who doesn't like that?
    call of cathulu............
    - - - - > maybe a wihite wolf MMO  like vampire, werewolf, or mage. < - - - -
    Kotor (never happen of course but in theory it would be cool)
    The best of the best IMHO

    They're working on World of Darkness with CCP :p

  • KokushibyouKokushibyou Chicago, ILPosts: 230Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by RK-Mara

    Might and Magic anyone?
    Aww, I was going to say that...

    Oh well, How about:

    Ender's Game


    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 818Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ajwall

    If RA Salvatore is designing, it will have a great storyline.

    That's what they said about demonstone. Other than action scenes, the nerdy author can't write for crap.

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