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The power of hype.

kjemperkjemper Fargo, NDPosts: 181Member
Perhaps this company does not understand the power of hype.  They really should be "teasing" perspective customers more than they are at the moment.


  • L0k1-L0k1- lokerenPosts: 240Member
    well the game has been delayed until Q4, i think if they start thehype in the last 2 months before release it'll be more effective and to be honest in the last 2 months i've seen several articles of the game on several websites :)
  • SamuraiswordSamuraisword Washington DC, MDPosts: 2,111Member
    I like the fact they are not hyping the game early. It's usually a bad omen when companies do.


  • Size-TwelveSize-Twelve Lansing, MIPosts: 478Member Uncommon

    I think it's bigger than that they don't understand it. Originally, and for a long time, this game was supposed to release in 2006. Even while in 2006 they were planning to release in 2006.

    Alot of information got dumped into the media then. There were class profiles here at MMORPG, dev interviews, trailers and whatever else. When a game gets delayed like TCoS multiple times, I think the hype gets spread over a long period of time. The strategy changes, and instead of building up in a crescendo toward release, the game just kind of fizzles along, dropping info here and there.

    I think TCoS team is dedicated to releasing a bug free product, and that's good, but the downside is the marketing can suffer.

  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,769Member Uncommon

    Well....I think they should hype it alot more though, this game has ALOT of potential.

  • mlorrimanmlorriman Toronto, ONPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth in situations like this. Even while having next to no marketing, Spellborn has managed to spend quite a bit of time on the top of the Hype Meter on this site. The game sells itself, and people who are interested in the game get other people interested. I know that I got more than a few people looking forward to this game. Since it's a small company, they don't have as much money as the huge coperations to market their game, so they use word-of-mouth instead. It's free, and, as we've proven by being here,  talking about the subject, quite effective. I believe they will begin a marketing push once they think that they're ready to release the game, so expect to see alot more about this game around open beta time.
  • PanturaPantura TurkuPosts: 54Member
    Word of mouth and a perfect open beta stage and you've got more hype, player created, than you can ever want. For me a good word from another player weights a thousand times more than any cool ads or cool words the developers can come up with.
  • brostynbrostyn Louisville, KYPosts: 3,092Member
    Hype did an amazing job for Vanguard, D&L and DDO. Am I right?
  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common
    Originally posted by brostyn

    Hype did an amazing job for Vanguard, D&L and DDO. Am I right?
    QFT. Hype can help cause the death of a game ( Vanguard being a prime example), just as quickly as it can build it up.
  • SramotaSramota YstadPosts: 756Member

    Originally posted by kjemper
    Perhaps this company does not understand the power of hype.  They really should be "teasing" perspective customers more than they are at the moment.
    Assuming there's something to actually hype...

    Played so far: 9Dragons, AO, AC, AC2, CoX, DAoC, DF, DnL, DR, DDO, Ent, EvE, EQ, EQ2, FoMK, FFO, Fury, GW, HG:L, HZ, L1, L2, M59, MU, NC1, NC2, PS, PT, R:O, RF:O, RYL, Ryzom, SL, SB, SW:G, TR, TCoS, MX:O, UO, VG, WAR, WoW...
    It all sucked.

  • RoyspiRoyspi mesa, AZPosts: 202Member

    WAR has been hyping and giving players more info than any game to date during its construction, and most players love it.

    Remember Darkfall? They didnt hype or test their game enough and look where its at now..


  • mlorrimanmlorriman Toronto, ONPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    WAR is being backed by not only Mythic's gigantic pile of wealth, but also EA's, thusly they have more resources to spend on hyping up a game. The people working on Spellborn don't have the excess resources to do this, so they're focusing on actually making a good game instead of trying to market it. Also, don't compare Spellborn to Darkfall. Spellborn recently finished it's third closed beta and will like be going into it's fourth closed beta or open beta over the summer. Darkfall, at this point, is simply a wonderful promise and a few scattered videos and screenshots. In any event, my point is that it's better for them to make a good game that ends up selling itself then creating some all consuming marketing illusion like some other games. However, I would wager that once they get closer to release, we'll see alot more advertising about this game.
  • SamuraiswordSamuraisword Washington DC, MDPosts: 2,111Member

    The problem with all the hype that Warhammer is getting though, is that it most likely won't live up to it. The expectations for Warhammer are very high and they will get slammed if they aren't met.

    When you uncover a gem of a game that releases with moderate hype however, you are excited and tend to be more forgiving of minor issues. Then word of mouth will spread of it's quality, which is much better in the long run, and less expensive.


  • MarlonBMarlonB HoensbroekPosts: 522Member Uncommon

    Hypes attract a different "type" of players .... people that are sensitive to hypes, are also the ones that leave as fast as they joined ... and dehype

    The ones that joined because they informed them selves thouroughly, or were informed by others from their experiences with this game are more lickely to stick.


    The Repopulation - Scfi Fi Sandbox.

  • BhazirBhazir NijlenPosts: 321Member

    The higher the hype the more stress will be on the developers as the expectations rise exponential with the hype. As long as the developers can handle the higher hype then they should go for it. But if they build it up to high you get the scenarios like DnL, Vanguard, ...

    "If all magic fails, rely on three feet of steel and a strong arm"


  • Shroom_MageShroom_Mage Lafayette, LAPosts: 863Member

    Well, if anyone is looking to spread hype themselves, someone made a Facebook group.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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