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LAME- I guess archers are out =[

rawrxbradrawrxbrad Anderson, CAPosts: 117Member Uncommon

which is a downer, and plus the casting classes basically have the same spells just different names


  • DelanorDelanor AmersfoortPosts: 659Member

    Excuse me? You are misinformed. You can be an archer in this game.

    About casters. They do share the same spells, but specializing in body/mind/soul will probably force the use of spells dependend on those attributes, I guess. How it works is explained partially elsewhere, but not on That article was a bit lacking in detail.


  • Size-TwelveSize-Twelve Lansing, MIPosts: 478Member Uncommon

    As Delanor mentioned, Trickster is the ranged class in TCoS.

    Look for the Rogue archetype abilities to be revealed soon on the main website, to get a better feel for how they play.

  • KelnnayKelnnay St SymphorienPosts: 23Member

    And each character can use a bow

  • DovieandiDovieandi Round Rock, TXPosts: 30Member

    Rogue abilities are now up at, and the Trickster certainly looks to have some nice ranged abilities.

    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain ~ Time to toss the dice

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  • Shroom_MageShroom_Mage Lafayette, LAPosts: 863Member

    While Tricksters look like they'll make great ranged classes, any class can be an "archer" if they want to.

    Similar to in Guild Wars, you pick which skills you take into battle. So, if you wanted to, you could take mostly (or all) ranged attacks. Some classes (like warriors) will probably have less options, though.

    And what that guy was saying about stats... The three classes each have a different high stat. That means that the Rune Mage (high stat is Body) will be better with skills tied to Body (most likely close-range/melee skills) than the other casters. If I understand correctly, the Rune Mage is kind of a war-mage of sorts. And the other two casters are Ancestral Mage (pet class) and Void Seer (buff/debuff), so I don't see how you could say they have the same spells with different names. They DO share many of their spells, but um... Well the shared ones actually have the same names. :P

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