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cant even start ms to try it out

Focus*BankaiFocus*Bankai artesia, NMPosts: 219Member

nexon gives the worst patching system i have ever seen. i have never played this so i figured i would try something until aoc comes out. i downloaded game. and tried the patcher exe. NOTHING HAPPENS soo i tried the manual patch. it gets to 3/3 and gets stuck. so i redownloaded everything and did the same thing.. tried again and it worked. but then the gameguard gets to authenticate and it wont launch the game it just keeps the gameguard banner up and then it closes. so i deleted game and downloaded again and it is getting stuck on 3/3 again. im giving up i cant even launch the game lol.



  • OlujiwanOlujiwan EindhovenPosts: 18Member

    Lol try reading the FAQ,

    ow and if ur using vista it might give sum problems...

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  • Focus*BankaiFocus*Bankai artesia, NMPosts: 219Member

    ive done everything the faq told me to do. and i have xp lol and nothing will work ive dont everything. went to a different forum and did everything they told me to do. which stumped everyone i think

  • DoomLordDoomLord PortsmouthPosts: 124Member

    I gave up did my head it work not work work no not working

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