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Dinosaur mmorpg

ShendarShendar Chippewa Falls, WIPosts: 1Member

That's right!

We need a dinosaur mmo where you can choose to be one of over 100 plus types of dinosaur.

Meat eaters vs. herbivores  pvp action. PVE would be both sides battling cavemen as they continue to expand their territory. (I know having humans in the jurrasic is a bit premature hehe)

It would be skill based like EVE Online. Each species speccing down a huge list of possibilities. offensive, defensive, group, special attacks, stealth, detection, food finding, etc. Just like real predators would develop in their lives.

Bonuses to pack/herd hunting, food buffs, reputation through territory control, let your imagination go wild!

It's just a thought for something new so have fun with it.

This is just a discussion so no NERF T-REX posts.





  • UploadUpload Nowhere, KSPosts: 679Member


  • SmurfMagicSmurfMagic MushroomPosts: 664Member

    T-Rex is overpowering, they should make his teeth smaller.


  • Sanctus_MorsSanctus_Mors N. Bay, CAPosts: 597Member

    his teeth are big to make up for the short arms! Leave the nerf bat alone 

    your arguement is so persuasive, so filled with knowledge and insight. You back up your argument very articulately, with suggestions of improvements and raising examples to glorify your position....oh wait, you didn't

  • flood950flood950 Mansfield, MAPosts: 447Member

    lol....this would actually be fun I think.

  • TsollessTsolless Stienbach, MBPosts: 448Member

    Sounds more like a lobby battle game, like Rakion, than an MMORPG.

  • -Ellessar--Ellessar- NYC, NYPosts: 98Member Uncommon



    Originally posted by SmurfMagic

    T-Rex is overpowering, they should make his teeth smaller.

    Are you crazy and have all the fanboys complaing that the game is not true to Paleontological Canon?

    No the T-Rex should be an unlockable super-class.  You should only be able to roll a T-Rex after first mastering a dozen other randomly determined species.   

  • ElgarethElgareth MoersPosts: 588Member

    Sounds like Spore to me. Well, you don't have real Dinosaurs, but fantasy Creatures you can completely build on your own, with next to no restrictions whatsoever.

    But wouldn't the live of a herbivore be rather boring? Eat eat eat, OH a Carnivore! Defend! Eat eat eat.


    But yeah, I guess Spore will pave the way for more Prehistoric Games, if made right, it could definately be fun.

  • RehmesRehmes miami, FLPosts: 600Member

    I know me and my 3 other friends would make a raptor gang all the time. BEWARE!!!!.

    Sounds like a cool concept, and refreshingly original.

    EDIT: would mating be allowed?

  • Alamor0Alamor0 Knightdale, NCPosts: 176Member

    I think that would be awesome. lol.


    I think I'll start designing it....


    No unlockables plz. Unlockables belong in single-player RPGs.  A totally skill based, claw-swiping, teeth-gnashing quest for dominion over the different areas.  Hehe, would be cool.

  • Alamor0Alamor0 Knightdale, NCPosts: 176Member

    Originally posted by Rehmes

    I know me and my 3 other friends would make a raptor gang all the time. BEWARE!!!!.
    Sounds like a cool concept, and refreshingly original.
    EDIT: would mating be allowed?
    Raptors FTW!


    Though I might wanna be one of those acid-spitters...


    Uhhm, mating?  Maybe 'families' where you actually have an age and 'parents.'  Dunno, lol. 

  • RehmesRehmes miami, FLPosts: 600Member

    The hervs wouldnt be boring, the need a lot of terrain for food giving them an incentive to go after more land thus encountering enemies. W/E it doesnt rly have to be text book perfect...just fun.

    BTW season changes should be incorporated, making winter or dry season specially ruthless for everyone.

    EDIT: to the above post, acid spitters in  gangs would be crazy. MY EYE!!

  • LocklainLocklain Crandon, WIPosts: 2,154Member

    This is a crazy good idea!  The only this with an idea like this is the MMO companies to date don't like to stray from the norm.  They may actually find people would love to try something along this line.  Ahh well we can only hope for something to break the barriers of the normal MMOs.

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  • BlurrBlurr Thornhill, ONPosts: 2,155Member Uncommon

    This might be interesting but then again it'd also be hard to keep it true to the way it really was. Nobody would reallyl want to be on the bottom of the food chain, would they?

    Actually you know what would be a good IP that might be able to pull this off?

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

    I've only seen a few episodes of the cartoon and played one of the games a couple times, but that might actually be a fun MMO.

    "Because it's easier to nitpick something than to be constructive." -roach5000

  • sairuscosairusco GoudaPosts: 133Member

    So here it is at last, my chance to play a purple dinosaur named Barney

  • Alamor0Alamor0 Knightdale, NCPosts: 176Member

    What I am visualizing is a PvP Expansion game.  The PvE would be more about building larger and larger nesting areas for your realm/guild/faction (whatever it would be called) and also overcoming the environmental disasters as in Volcanoes, Tornadoes, and other natural disasters.  The PvP would be an integrated part of the expansion, as you would constantly be fighting for territory against opposing realms/guilds/factions.  Of course there would be PvE combat against wild creatures and non-dinosaurs.  But all the dinosaurs should be PCs.


    Any ideas on questing?  I don't like the whole fetch and deliver, or go kill X quests.  PvP rewards could be based off of bringing back the bones of your enemies.

  • raygunraygun San Francisco, CAPosts: 49Member


    um, this would be the shiznizzle.  design your own anthropomorphic dino and blast away.  that would be cool

  • a_namea_name Indianapolis, INPosts: 249Member

    ahh so instead of being a human grinding on creatures - you would be a creature grinding on humans to lvl - could be fun

    what would the mounts be :o im thinking ... armored insects or maybe something hoppy like frogs

  • Alamor0Alamor0 Knightdale, NCPosts: 176Member
    Originally posted by a_name

    ahh so instead of being a human grinding on creatures - you would be a creature grinding on humans to lvl - could be fun
    what would the mounts be :o im thinking ... armored insects or maybe something hoppy like frogs

    Um, you're a Dinosaur...  Maybe a sprint button, but I think that we'll be fast enough already!  And there shouldn't be any humans...  That would make to many people angry.  Things like lions and tigers and bears oh my maybe...

  • magebornmageborn douglasPosts: 122Member

    Most people havnt heared yet but if you didnt know scientists have now proven that T-rex was a scavenger and didnt have the brain power to hunt its own food. Alot of people are keeping this a secret because museums would end up having to change alot of displays etc that are geared towards T-Rex being the worst predator the Earth has ever seen.


    Anyway good idea for a game lol.

  • WraithmireWraithmire San Diego, CAPosts: 328Member

    Now this would be a game I would play...great idea.

    I have a Youtube channel for video games!

  • AelfinnAelfinn Roundabouts that cold chill moving up your spine, NCPosts: 3,857Member

    Bah, T-Rex is a highly overrated predator. The Allosaurus can kick its ass in terms of big and mean, and raptors are much better hunters.

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  • ZindaihasZindaihas Seattle, WAPosts: 5,164Member

    A few weeks ago someone suggested an insect world MMO.  Same idea.  Sounds interesting and might be a lot of fun.  But you would run into the same problems as the insect one.  How would your character advance, it you had advancement?  What about equipment?  Could you have any for an animal MMO.  And then character customization.  How could you make it so each dinosaur had its own look?  But it might call for a radical overhaul that had other characteristics than your typical MMORPG to make it fun to play.  I would probably play a pterodactyl so I could fly.

  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCPosts: 2,663Member

    let's not forget cavemen YABA DABA DOO!!! so then it would be carnivores vs herbivores vs humans

  • RehmesRehmes miami, FLPosts: 600Member

    Have we forgotten the flying dinos and the underwater ones? Would those be put into the idea?

    BTW for a previous post speaking about gear advancement etc. You make a valid point but since the idea isnt what we may call normal...neither should the approach. I am sure there are many fresh concepts to go along with games like these. But its too freaking late and im tired maybe ill post some in the morning.

  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Paris, ALPosts: 1,089Member

    Why not twist the evolutionary timetable, make it an alternate Earth scenario.

    Only this time, mammals/humans came into being during the reign of dinosaurs.

    You could also have a third class, answering the question of "What if humans evolved from the dinosaurs, instead of apes/mammals?".

    So you would have dinosaurs/cro-magnaur/dinomen on one side of the evolutionary scale, and primates/cro-magnon/human on the other. That's 6 seperate factions that could work for or against each other.

    And there could be technology on both sides, making the dinomen and human factions the crafters/engineers/strategist, the cro's would be the artillery units: smart enough to learn to use the weapons and follow orders, and the primates/dinosaurs would be the brunt force units.


    Edit: this post is copyrighted 07/02/2007, as it's crazy enough to work. I may see how this would translate through a MUD for starters.

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