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is that a game????

really is that a game???patetic


  • freako969freako969 PlymouthPosts: 105Member
    yes, its Myst with a chat server:

    "Hey dude! What picture you on" says Frank

    "Oh, eeh...the one with the mountains and rock" George replied

    you get the idea...
  • sonataarticasonataartica MunrroPosts: 27Member

    ya but..........................i dont like the game it have a good graphics but..............................i dont like the type of game


  • GilgameeshGilgameesh NapoliPosts: 412Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by sonataartica

    ya but..........................i dont like the game it have a good graphics but..............................i dont like the type of game
    Well, if you know the Myst serie games, they are 'puzzle' game with a special feeling on archeological discoveries... No combat system and no leveling so there are no choices: if you search 'usual' MMOG this is not for you.

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  • EleriEleri Seattle, WAPosts: 12Member
    On the contrary, there are choices to be made, and more choices will come in the future.

    Don't let the idea of non-violent, non-combat oriented storytelling lure you into a false sense of complacany, there's conflict and dynamics aplenty to be had.

    For example, the NPCs are NOT pre-canned. They're live actors.  They can, and do, influence what the players think and do, and what information goes where.

    And since there's a completely free visitor version it doesn't hurt to drop in and take a peek.

    But yes, if your sole joy in MMOing is combat and leveling, and the idea of dynamic, player-influenced story with actual cognitive challenges doesn't appeal to you, Uru might not be your thing.
  • J.KlaJ.Kla Newcastle upon TynePosts: 9Member

    This is a game a full immersion game with dynamic choices.  Ok they are a little different from do I shoot this or don't I  or What weapon have I got that will kill this.  (I am not saying thats not fun)

    There are trading games of all types. 

    This is what used to be called a voyage of discovery.  So far there are several types of embedded puzzle mostly of the search and find type.

         Journey cloths (these are related to how you move around in the game (think warp transporter points)

         Markers. (You collect markers to open a door  or to get a set in your best time)

         Wedges Art Deco pieces that decorate your relto (Home location) The latest one involved a major navigation exercise (no detail to avoid spoiler)

         Calendar Sparks released on the first of the month and live for that month only at this time only decorative

         Relto pages again things to change the appearance of your Relto but these are switchable

         Reward clothing Similar to relto pages but these change your avatar. 


    Now this sort of original adventure gaming has its roots embedded in the computer game.  What is different about Uru and all the Myst cycle of games is the depth of detail and it's own language and number system that is not base 10 or Binary. 

    The game does not rely on reaction time you are expected to think your way around a problem not blow a hole in it. 

    The game seems to attract a different sort of gamer where you control an avatar and play a role in first or third person. 

    Help is from other players either in game or from the numerous external forums.

    If for no other reason than to take on board the graphics have a look it does have a free try before you buy option.  You are limited in locations and you have limited options for  customising your avatar .  But you will see  what it is like. 

    if you have problems ask.



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