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Stay away from this like the plague!

mgfla3mgfla3 venice, FLPosts: 4Member

Ok i bought this game like an idiot....but thank god it was with a CC and i can always get the money back...

No documentation...

No GM support (waited 6 hours and let me tell you there were 3 people in the game)

NO FORUMS! (they release a game to the public you have to pay for but don't have forums?)

But thank god they just added to the front page of the website a link to buy merchandise(cups,shirts etc)

I emailed them and all i got back as a response was that they are working on the forums...errr yea...


Look the game is sooo bad they aren't going to open forums anytime soon....otherwise people would be able to see all the negative posts about how many bugs are still in ( I'm talking game-breaking like crashes to desktop...LOTS) and the crappy customer service and not buy it.

You can't even see what the stats are on any of the items in the game (armor,guns,etc.)


This blows me away really.....


How do these game companies get away with this???



  • shalldoomshalldoom MuscatPosts: 106Member Uncommon
    Sounds like this game is a scam
  • frafra13frafra13 troutdale, ORPosts: 11Member

    I bought the game and have been playing it all day.  Yeah i agree there is no stats in game besides resistance's and the quest gui needs to be dumped and done over again, but the game itself is not too bad. 


    There were tons of people all day today when i was playing, and I had not one single crash or lag spike the whole 8 and half hours i played.  the server seems to be great to me.  Plus i was running at 89fps to the whole time even when i was around a dozen or more people.

    The sound track was very well done.

    Biggest gripe I have basically is the Quest logs and the one glitch of it telling me i was "Too Far" from the corpse to loot it, and the stats missing from weapons.


    It still needs work so id wait to buy it if your were thinking about it at all.  Its pretty much still in beta, but could turn out to be a decent game if they get the forums up and listen to the players.


  • desnowdesnow Lauderdale, MNPosts: 390Member
    The homepage is lacking in specific information even after release. That should have been a big hint that this is just another of their scams.
  • mgfla3mgfla3 venice, FLPosts: 4Member
    Originally posted by Ciredric

    If you actually admit you were dumb enough to purchase this game, that pretty much tells the rest of us to not bother to read any more.
    The only thing these developers are good at is scamming their players.

    Love people who can come point fingers at someone who can admit to mistakes. Bet you haven't done one thing wrong in your life right?


    The reason i came here  was to let others know and not make the same mistake. Thanks for the flame though. I didn't post about how i wanted to make you feel sorry for me or to ask for sympathy. It was to inform.

    If only the rest of the world was as perfect as you......


    For those thinking of buying i wanted to sway them from it.


    Also - I had a good conversation with D2D about Phylon and hope i have convinced them to take this crap off their site. They tell me that RR hasn't been very helpful with them either. LOL   Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...

  • FarcoreFarcore Atwater, OHPosts: 7Member
    Originally posted by frafra13  
    The sound track was very well done.


    The soundtrack in game is a random radio feed.

  • RyGyRyGy Fort Worth, TXPosts: 15Member
    The music is kind of wierd.  In Most cases, the game will play a sort of techno beat.  However, some actions seem to trigger the old Digitally Imported radio that was used for a bit in beta (as well as in Endless Ages).
  • eclipsemodeclipsemod Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2Member
    Wow! ( and i dont mean world of warcraft!)I downloaded and tried playin this game a few times cuz I remembered it was free. Came to realize that its p2p. I was extremly bothered by that but now im even more bothered by the fact that all my time trying to play this game wouldve been an extreme disapointment. Is this game really THAT messed up?? Im actually kinda relieved I didnt play it. Im just saddened cuz I have yet to find a decent sci-fi type game that doesnt require me to pay. I mean, WHY?? why shell out a monthly fee when games like guild wars is free?? If games like that can be free then theres ought to be a good free sci-fi mmorpg out there. anyways, im off topic. If this game sux then I agree, stay away from it.
  • eclipsemodeclipsemod Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2Member
    Oh and plz dont mention anarchy online. that game is slow and boring.
  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon
    Guild Wars is a free 2 play game, however its rather pale in comparison to other mmo's. It has a GREAT pvp system, but GW is lacking a lot of what makes a MMO a real hooker for most other games.

    The reason that you pay a monthly free for most MMO's, and ALL of the mainstream ones, is servers arent free, 24/7 employees watching and waiting for anything to go wrong, updates, bug patches, new content...etc etc.

    Think of it this way. Going to the movies cost's you 8 bucks, thats for 2 hours of...well if your lucky enjoyment.

    MMO's cost you 15 bucks, for a max of 720 hours of enjoyment.

    The Asian market keeps moving games over here with the lure of F2P, however, they arent F2P most of the time, its a item shop, or something along those lines.... and the truely F2P games are the ones trying desperately to stay a float usually, and rarely are worth your time.

    Is Phylon any good? No clue havent tried it yet, waiting on more reviews. But for a 15 buck purchase price, and 5 dollar monthly fee, it would have to be pretty bad to feel bad about trying it.

    Its only 20 bucks, thats cheaper than 3 movies, or 6 hours of entertainment.
  • RyGyRyGy Fort Worth, TXPosts: 15Member
    Good Stuff about the game:
    • Jetpack and shooting is fun.  Even a  low level newb can take on high level monsters if theyre good at dodging, though it wilol take them awhile.  Also makes PvP pretty fun .

    • Some of the environments are interesting
    • Humorous style (Frogs and Blobs)
    • Quests can be manipulated by devs ingame without any patching, so things are easy to change around.
    Bad Stuffs
    • Multiple inventory related bugs that cause you to crash.
    • Not too many people playing (I only played in beta so far.  That character is wiped and I'm awaiting a key to make a live account, so there could be tons of people.  I doubt it though)
    • Questing is convoluted and confusing (especially the older quests) and doesnt make you feel particularly rewarded for your actions, except for some of the weapon quests.
    • Weapons are pretty generic, and despite a decent number of different types, they all act so similarly that getting a new guns isnt really exciting
    • There isnt a great variety of environments.  Most are open desolate desert type places.  However, Northern region is amazing, with canyons and lots of interesting landmarks such as a crashed spaceship and giant tower.  There is also an ancient egyptian themed envrinment that they plan to add(NOT OFFICIAL)  that seems pretty interesting, if you go by the "Ancient" arena.  Still no forest or water environments :(

    Neutral Stuff
    • World PvP is retty shallow.  Hide bombs and the lack of any high damage weapons make it difficult to PK.  There is no counter to hide bombs currently.
    • Sound (effects and music) are really bleh.  Most of the interesting effects require you to be right next to a mob that will kill you in a few seconds.  Guns all have a muffled popping noise that doesnt really feel too powerful.
  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon
    Some good info there, would be nice to see what they did with release, and how empty/populated it is.
  • RyGyRyGy Fort Worth, TXPosts: 15Member
    I wouldnt expect any crowds.  Primetime is the only time Id expect to see any decent population.  My char got wiped pretty much the first day of live, so the only places I really saw people were in the starting area and one of the easier zones (central).   Night  crews probably consist of maybe a half-dozen people, but like i said, I havnt plyaed since live much, so there may be more.  I still wouldnt expect too many.

    Also about the forums.

    For a little while they did have a link to the old forums up.  However, it was only available when logged in.  I imagine this will be the same when they get new forums up, so it wont be available to people who dont have the game.
  • VanderkaumVanderkaum Jefferson, MDPosts: 5Member

    If you guys cherish your money and time, DO NOT waste it on this game. It is nothing like EA, it's bugged up the rear, it's very boring and confusing and there are less than 10 people on at a time. The only good things about this game are the elements taken from EA, other than that, it plain sucks.

    This game should still be in development to be honest, but nobody listens anymore.

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