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Looking for an SG on freedom

madinsane00madinsane00 dearborn, MIPosts: 5Member
 looking for an active SG on the Freedom server, ive been in to many that have maybe 2 active players at max, i need somthing alittle more deticated!


  • metalman85metalman85 Winnipeg, MBPosts: 23Member

    hey, i just created hero haters inc. on freedom server i am looking for members. if your on everyday or just a couple of hours each week i'd love to invite you. either respond here or send tell to Hattori Han.

  • TNULeaderTNULeader Halifax, NSPosts: 71Member

    The Nosferatu Underworld vg on freedom was astablish jan 31st 07 we are active great coaqlition chatter always vg and coaly teams running  we pretty much have everytime zone covered,we'd have to put you in our alt group TNU Robotix as we are full in our main with 75 members all under 15 days but we have the same coalys in Robotix. Ingame global is @tnuleader or @liquidkiller if your interested.




  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAPosts: 14Member

    finding a good supergroup is a task in itself. i have tried out alot of them. they either stick to groups amongst  themselves, never say or do anything but stand around and dance and talk to high level players only or ignore you completely. ive even been in sg that use you for prestiege when they get low and as soon as they have what they need you get kicked out of the sg all together. ive rarely seen any sg team together and actualy invite new members to play with them. the one time i was invited i got kicked out of the team because i said brb and they seem to think it was completely absurd that i had a life outside of the game. so in short unless youve played with the person inviting you to the supergroup and enjoy teaming with him/her id just stay away from supergroups all together. at least on the freedom server anyway.

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