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What world are you from?

VawusVawus Stillwater, OKPosts: 6Member

Hey I just am curious for everyone who plays tibia to post what world they are from, and what level they are.

Me I have a lvl 85 knight and lvl 40 druid from calmera. I have a full set on my knight and am working on lvl 100.



  • I have an Elite Knight on Amera, I have had since the day my account was created.I also have a Master Sorcerer on Chimera, I was on Chimera for a while until all my friends quit and I just stopped.

    I really only pay for premium now because this was the first game to really get me into MMORPGs. I like to keep my player house. I've played close to 20 other MMORPGs and none have even come close to this games housing system, except UO.

  • sacred_bandsacred_band fraz, CAPosts: 104Member
    Inferna world, and always use knights
  • d0gz1llad0gz1lla ljubljanaPosts: 77Member Uncommon
    mytheria knight lvl 38, played for 2 years, never minded my lvl only played it for fun...

    R.I.P my dear MOTHER (1965-2004)

  • curintederycurintedery BusseltonPosts: 2Member
    Rubera, level 16 sorc, not very good at it. It is my second MMORPG, and its an icredible change, my first was runescape , which im also still an active member of
  • s0ck3ns0ck3n noobtown, AKPosts: 3Member
    Astera, 102 Elite knight
  • CrexisCrexis STL, MOPosts: 2Member

    Inferna Level 39 Sorcerer

    I also have a level 26 Sorceror on Inferna and a Level 10 palidin on Secura

  • TrueK1llTrueK1ll NorwichPosts: 3Member
    I'm level 13 and a knight, i've got quite high stats though! I'm in Dolera, it's pvp enforced so i keep getting PK'd though!
  • AeonorisAeonoris SLC, UTPosts: 6Member
    Aeonoris - Ameran druid

    Rikathos - Lunaran druid

    Elvashar Shalun - Silveran druid

    Tasourdus - Lunaran knight

    Sunflash Lightfeather - Ameran paladin

    Rewop Rashnieer - Been killing him a lot, testing out diff version of diff vocations..  Usually a Sorcerer, currently a Trimeran fist knight.

    Thats all I can remember for now, I have tons of chars though, been playing since (checks) "Oct 31 2002, 04:25:49 CET". 

    ~Four and a half years, then.

    Just A Thought...

  • StraykoStrayko zoetermeerPosts: 56Member
    Valoria - Lv. 32 Knight, once level 58 (90/90) but I deleveled it.

    Secura - Lv. 47 Sorcerer

    Morgana - Lv. 33 Paladin


  • LeCompte19LeCompte19 Manalapan, NJPosts: 9Member
    I had a bunch of characters on Chimera, Empera, Amera, Antica, ect. Now, I have only character left and he is on Chimera.

    A level 33 knight.
  • XylographerXylographer VilniusPosts: 3Member

    Xerena.... i play i here a lot of time, but then i was angry about killing me 3 times in day I start to play on Candia.. no PVP world.

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common
    Dillasca Akron-- Unitera
  • cdeepalcdeepal Marlborough, MAPosts: 148Member

    Calmera - 95 Paladin, 67 Knight

    Refugia - 77 Paladin

    Unitera - 76 Sorcerer

    and also a bunch of other characters around levels 20-40.

  • ShoysonyShoysony PerthPosts: 8Member
    I have a quite a few guys.

    My most used,

    Zanko from Vinera.

    Then theirs the rest of the pack.

    Shoyz from Mythera.

    Altox and Altez from Amera.

    Firaz Schwarzheart from Menera.

    And a few more,

    Can't remember though.
  • JerrynDuhJerrynDuh Seattle, WAPosts: 3Member
    Zacky Vengence 38 Elite Knight on Antica (retired)

    Oliver Sykes 22 Master Sorcerer on Antica (very active)
  • coffee_headcoffee_head Osceola, INPosts: 4Member

    I have a level 24 royal paladin, on Silvera, True Aim.

                level 10 sorcerer, on Silvera, Dark Sylar.

  • mencemence SPosts: 4Member

    I have an paladin lvl 33 in Guardia

    msg me for mencelot ;p

    /o/ ;p

  • randz88randz88 toronto, ONPosts: 4Member

    Iv had so many chars iv lost count.  i'v been on Nova world for allmost 5years now and just recently switched to Calmera. Lv 25EK noting speacil.  currently banned...Noting new :P

  • ShadowramenShadowramen oer-erkenschwickPosts: 2Member

    Aldora lvl 123 ek and 60 rp

    Saphira lvl 80 ek got kicked cause i lost a war xD

    s.o playing aldora? noone?

  • d0gz1llad0gz1lla ljubljanaPosts: 77Member Uncommon

    Im from Mytheria, playing it since 2004, well atm im not to much into it, dont have the time

    Have a knight lvl 39. taking it easy as always never minded about lvl so much, it was more about fun an stuff :)

    R.I.P my dear MOTHER (1965-2004)

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    I got a sorc lvl 52 on samera (much br's).

    But i don't play tibia not very much atm, playing metin2 :D

  • blondyyblondyy cairoPosts: 1Member

    me too me too :d i play in samera i have 56 pally but quitted and played metin 2 ,just like healthy,strange huh? i play i little i used to play more than 10 hours some days wheni was active ,and btw there is awar going now on samera (lawkz is coming back) healthy,what's ur name on metin ?

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Watch the metin2 forums on this site. (i'm very active there)

    My name is Iyoku (dragon mage lvl 31)

    Other char is Isymi (warrior lvl 27)

    The two are proud Listhmosians.


    P;s: nice that there is war going on on tibia, it will be much cooler then.

  • WilsonassWilsonass VilniusPosts: 6Member

    I tryed all types of worlds, non-pvp, pvp, pvp-enforced, but after alots of pk'ers who just kill me and kill me, I left pvp and started at non-pvp... Candia world.. 50 lvl

  • BoechatBoechat BambulandPosts: 1Member

    lucera, knight

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