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i wish they would

lauxeslauxes deville, LAMember Posts: 88
put in W A S D keys instead of mouse mode


  • LukainLukain WestmeadMember Posts: 591 Uncommon
    Worst control system I have ever seen ..
  • lauxeslauxes deville, LAMember Posts: 88
    lol wow i posted this beginning of last year, and i just now get a reply
  • bes3rkbes3rk Bowmanville, ONMember Posts: 59 Uncommon
    Yeah, the controls kind of suck for this game. WASD would be great, even arrow key movement would be okay.
  • jedeye1990jedeye1990 edsdfgsdfg, GAMember Posts: 29

    once you get used to clicking it is easier because you can turn on a command that auto navigates you around buildings trees etc and you can use your mini map so you really are only clicking a few times a minute on long journeys. And it is easier in battle in my opinion.

  • tikboitikboi california, ARMember Posts: 243

    WASD is for CS and i guess flyff function? it is used for walking right?

  • HowHighHowHigh sville, NFMember Posts: 30

    personally for a game like this i rater mouse.

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