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Stratics irc chat with LoudAssSoftware on Dec. 19th

ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

After the recent spamming of these boards by the TOCspambot (as I like to call it), they forgot to mention that LoudAss will be having a chat with Stratics about the "game" on Dec. 19th. Here are the details:

Please join us on Tuesday, December 19th, for a House of Commons chat hosted by with the developers of Thrones of Chaos. The chat will begin at 5pm PST in the #StraticsHoC channel on Stratics IRC ( ).

You can connect to one of Stratics IRC servers through the use of your favorite IRC client, such as mIRC, ircle, xchat, or whichever you prefer. Connect to port 6668 or the server closest to you: port 6668, USA - Colorado port 6668, EU - Germany 6668, USA - Atlanta

They (LAS) have been taking questions from the "loyal fans" (aka fanbois) to be asked by Stratics. If they have nothing to hide, then I'm sure the chat will not be marked private and anyone with "real" questions regarding ToC and LAS will be heard. If so, this will be a good opportunity to have LAS where they can't just run when the questions get hot, 'cause if they do, I'm sure Stratics would be more than happy to put it in their review. In fact, just in case, I would recommend everyone to make a list of the questions they want answered and send 'em in to Stratics as well. See ya on the 19th at 5p.m. PST!!::::20::


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