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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Press Conference

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

On Thursday, News Editor Garrett Fuller took in a telephone Press Conference being held by EA Mythic for their upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. He reports on what exactly Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman had to say.

Being only a call, this press conference was a little different. Fortunately, Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman gave us a wealth of knowledge and insight into Warhammer Online. Trying to follow Jeff's approach to the technical game mechanics and Paul's wild eyed views on Warhammer creates quite a journey. If there ever was an Abbott and Costello of the MMO world it is certainly Paul and Jeff. We also have to thank Eddiemae Jukes of Kohnke Communications for hosting and managing the call. No easy task when these two get talking about Warhammer. So let's get to the point, there's a W.A.R. brewing and I am not talking about some dwarven keg of new ale, I am talking about battles, killing, RvR, PvP, and the ability to cut off your opponent's head and stick it on your guild's banner!

Jeff Hickman is the Senior Producer of Warhammer Online at EA Mythic and the lead producer on the project. Many of the game play, interface, and mechanics questions were fielded by Jeff throughout the call. Paul Barnett is the Creative Director of W.A.R. and in his own words, "a waving monkey from the UK". Paul is here to spout Warhammer lore until the "Americans make my game." Paul was able to answer some great lore questions about the IP and how many elements will work into the game.

Read the article here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor



  • LashersLashers Brooklyn Center, MNPosts: 186Member


    Warhammer online FTW!!

  • NeoMatrix835NeoMatrix835 Northumberland, PAPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME....... :(  All these other "titles" out on the market... are NOT "fun"..... why must I keep waiting... :-X


    On a serious note.... I <3 reading interviews with these guys.. they are so full of..... fun! :)

  • brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 974Member Uncommon
    Wow, getting more and more anxious all the time.  This game really sounds like it will bring in some new features and uniqueness that is DESPIRATELY needed in the genre.  Hopefully we'll hear something on their progress in the testing and maybe even a potential release date other than "sometime in 2007"...


  • every word from these guys makes me want to play the game more... It's rare that something has made me want to go out an buy a game over a year(or about a year) before release...  I think i'll be going out and preordering it now if you'll excuse me. image WAR and mythic and hoping E.A. won't screw something up...
  • SuaveSuave Enfield, CTPosts: 150Member

    Development of WAR seems to be moving very steadily and without any sort of delay.  The gap between the release of Dwarf/Greenskin information and Empire/Chaos info was a lot shorter than most people thought it would take, even for EA Mythic I think.  I wouldn't be surprised to find Elf information start to come out sometime in late January, but again that's just a hope.

    Regardless of when release is, I'd rather wait and make sure they get the game right than have them rush it to meet player demand.

    Because whether you plan on playing the game or criticising it to death; at the rate it's going, Warhammer is destined to be a landmark in MMO gaming.  As well as a much needed change of pace.

  • Darkz0rDarkz0r Porto AlegrePosts: 78Member

    ZHOMG, the hype...This reminds me of WoW when it was beign developed.

    I guess its one of those games that when I get Ill skip work/college/everything for a few days to play non-stop. :P

    Lets hope it pwns. :D

  • retrospecticretrospectic Statesboro, GAPosts: 1,466Member Uncommon

    Climbing inside of your pet in order to do battle is crazy, but I really think it is going to be made of win.  I CAN'T wait, and if I don't get into beta I am going to fall over and die.image


    P.S.  That video is very cool and has a lot of neat info.

  • severiusseverius sacramento, CAPosts: 1,512Member Uncommon
    The more and more I read about this game the happier I become.  Though there is ample room for them to fall I think EAMythic may just pull off a great game here.  Looking forward to it in a big way.


  • VideoXPGVideoXPG Tempe, AZPosts: 268Member
    I have been following WAR's development even before the original newsletter in November 2006, and each time more information comes out, I want this game more and more. I think this may be something special, I can't wait.

  • Spiral13Spiral13 Austin, TXPosts: 4Member
    Ah, no players worshipping Khorne.  A shame.

    Otherwise, very good article.  If they can pull it off as written, that will be good fun.

  • peekaboobfvpeekaboobfv Chiefland, FLPosts: 5Member
    Ok i lost track of this game for a few months now but last i was looking into was that this title might come out on the xbox 360 just like FFXI did.  Anyone know any news about this

    Your mom

  • GFullsGFulls Hillsborough, NJPosts: 470Member
    Heyas Peek,

    There has been no news on W.A.R. coming out for the 360 yet.

    I wish I had more info, for you.

    Next time we talk with EA Mythic, I'll certainly ask the question.


    GFulls   image

  • freeidfreeid NewcastlePosts: 92Member
    wooo! look at the gobblin oicture, he has a snottling riding on his head.

  • TechleoTechleo Grants Pass, ORPosts: 1,984Member
     There was news AoC would come out on the Xbox360.
    Im pretty impressed with how WAR is shaping up now. The games quest mechanics really seem to be seeking a Non-Linear balance.
    This is something Ive been looking for in a game for quite awhile. Im hoping there battle skill tend towards similar potenial damage. Yet totally diffrent patterns to achieve it. In anycase Im really looking foward to this game.

  • DemonOvrlordDemonOvrlord San Antonio, TXPosts: 69Member


    People need to keep an eye on this game next year.   Out of all the titles being released, this is the one to watch.

    We all need to watch what happens when an experienced MMORPG company that actually tries to design innovative games (rather than just polishing existing game mechanics) gets support from a monster publisher and uses an established IP.

    The outcome of this game will influence the industry, one way or another.   


  • RomseRomse Montreal, QCPosts: 198Member

    Having played CoH/CoV for the past 2 something years I'm really anxious to get back to a fantasy setting and I;m really looking forward to this game.

    That said I've also become very spoiled on character customisation and all creativity aspects of coming up with something unique... I must say I love the idea of "earned" character customisation... but I hope we can take this further and really achieve significantly unique looks.

    Obvously a weapon and armor based setting means that your items confer much of your look... I hope that at any given level, we're not all forced into a similar appearance for the same class of the same race just because... well.. there's an easilly identifiable set of armor which is better than all others. I don't like it when I see artwork with the caption "tier 3 ironbreaker".

    However it's all looking very nice I must say. image

  • MortisRexMortisRex Columbia, TNPosts: 348Member Uncommon
    I'm really looking forward to this game's release. This and AoC will hopefully help me kill my WoW demons for good.
  • JackDonkeyJackDonkey _, MNPosts: 383Member
    I would like to run around naked with all kinds of body piercings.  Just want to point that out

    Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
    if I were to kill a titan tomorrow and no CCP employees showed up to say grats I would petition it.
    Waiting for: the next MMO that lets me make this macro
    if hp < 30 then CastSpell("heal") SpellTargetUnit("player") else CastSpell("smite") end

  • necrotherionnecrotherion Toronto, ONPosts: 130Member
    Hey, so would I.

    What is ESRB rating this game is expected to receive, anyways?

  • WarfanWarfan Roseville, CAPosts: 22Member

    Can't wait.

    I can't WAIT! image


    Now playing Vanguard, but drooling for WAR

  • VampiresVampires MelbournePosts: 75Member
    The count down is on!!!!image

  • VanaaBegraVanaaBegra St. Louis Park, MNPosts: 24Member
    I am very excited about this game.  I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment when it is released.  I have been a big fan of Warhammer FRP and our group has played a few different campaigns.

  • sammualsammual State College, PAPosts: 6Member

    Originally posted by JackDonkey
    I would like to run around naked with all kinds of body piercings.  Just want to point that out

    That's nice but we are talking about Warhammer.  *grin*



  • GorukhaGorukha WarsawPosts: 1,441Member
      I don't know. I'm a huge warhammer fan , but Mythic isn't doing much innovation here.  There really isn't much different from other games currently out.  Always had a problem with the small scale of the gameworld, empire bleh.  It seems to me they are just trying to milk some money off the warhammer franchise without doing too much work.  Nothing next-gen about this game except the release date sadly.

    It's better be hated for who you are, than loved for who you aren't.

  • HocheteHochete CambridgePosts: 1,210Member

    Certainly sounds pretty awesome.

    The only thing I wasn't keen on was the 'higher level players won't be able to gank lowbies in lowby pvp zones'. To me, one of the major benefits of being a higher level player is the ability to absolutely annihilate lower level players. Otherwise, what's all the effort for? There's no fun in fighting people of the same level.. Even as a low level character, I'd much rather take on somebody higher level than I, simply because it'd be so rewarding to actually win the fight.

    Other than that, though, it does sound absolutely awesome. Can't wait. image

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