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Why buy retail version?

Just curious what benefits one by buying the retail version versus downloading from the main site. I don't see that any graphics changes or special items for the purchase. I just don't understand the purpose of this, nor have I seen anything explaining it. The game is still downloadable off of and their main site. Accounts are still free to set up, and those who have accounts already still have em.

For me, I havn't played the game in a little over a year since the tech support guys can't figure out why every time I download it and try and run it I get the Run ShotOnline.exe(shot_n_01) as the game loads up to the log in screen. 



  • dafuzzledafuzzle Wildwood, NJPosts: 160Member
    the andvantage is that you get 2 $20 gift cards.  One for using for the item shop thing to buy new gear using real life money and the other for something else i forget of right now.
  • asasenpaiasasenpai MiddlesexPosts: 124Member
    If you buy the retail version of this namelessbob it's most like that you get a faulty copy from the store that you brought it from. 


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