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MMORPG.COM News: Vanguard: SOH Site Opened

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,223Administrator Uncommon

Sigil Games and Microsoft Game Studios have opened the doors today on their new web site for "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" - the recently unveiled MMORPG from the veteran design team.

The site features logos, concept art, FAQs, forums and more.  They have not released any official screen shots at this time - but once they do you can be sure they will be featured on our list!

You can access their new site at this link.

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  • ChronicRickChronicRick Suwanee, GAPosts: 569Member
    Hmm...strange, I haven't heard about this one.

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    Does not play well with others.

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  • GunharpGunharp Woodinville, WAPosts: 2,890Member games and sigil...

    was this all planned out hella'early? i mean...they did drop mythica maybe for this???
    probably not...seeing as I think they are just publishing...but still..image


    So far the game looks interesting to me I will be keeping my eye on it^^

    |_105th Panzer Brigade_|

  • Clever_GloveClever_Glove Columbus, OHPosts: 996Member

    Originally posted by Gunblade games and sigil...
    was this all planned out hella'early? i mean...they did drop mythica maybe for this???
    probably not...seeing as I think they are just publishing...but still..image
    So far the game looks interesting to me I will be keeping my eye on it^^

    |_105th Panzer Brigade_|

    Yes sigil's game is vastly superior to whatever Mythica had, thus it was dropped. 

    As for keeping a eye on it, it's made by the same people that originally made EQ. Brad's idea of a good game is one where people can't solo and desires to make large "time investments" in order to do well. Brad considers traveling a adventure unto itself.

    If you thought EQ before SoL was the greatest game ever, then you'll probably like it. If you got your fill of long boat rides and hours of being LFG, then I'd highly suggest one of the many of MMORPG's.

    You can read more here:

    On a interesting side note, if you look at the poll results you'll understand why a game for the "casual player" doesn't exsist.

    Make no mistake, MMORPG's are not games, they are hobbies. If you have a job, you'll need to give up watching TV in order to play one. You'll be better off for it.

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    Achievers realise that killers as a concept are necessary in order to make achievement meaningful and worthwhile (there being no way to "lose" the game if any fool can "win" just by plodding slowly unchallenged). -bartle

    Bartle: A: 93% E: 55% S:3% K: 50% The Test. Learn what it means here.

  • TeodricTeodric UppsalaPosts: 16Member

    The arrangement between Sigil and MS Game Studios goes nearly a year back so that part isn't new. Brad and his boys got that deal pretty quickly.

    As for the game itself, look forward to corpse retrieval and everything that made EQ a chore. Even the old "item acquisition and character advancement" mantra is still alive and kicking. Brad wants to score big again and get to pose with his awesome ranger. That's really the biggest characteristics of the whole design.
    They have Keith Parkinson doing some sketches - being an old EQ friend I guess. Brad pours out his wisdom and thinks everyone is listening in awe. They're hiring everyone they can from back when Brad ran EQ, including the designers of the zones that make present day EQ players roar with laughter. ("The Hole? BWAHAHAHA!")

    I think I read the whole site. I did not find one original idea or thought. I'm all for allowing the benefit of a doubt but I'd be very surprised if Sigil delivered anything worth playing unless you enjoyed the early EQ experience (updated to 2006 technology and graphics).

  • StormwindStormwind grand rapids, MIPosts: 60Member

    Teodric -- I have to agree 100% with you --  IN Fact,, if  you read the intro Hype, it starts out IMAGINE a world, where you can Blah blah blah ... I thought to myself, YES ?? I have played in those worlds for 15 years now -- Tell me something about your new world that I have not seen or done ?? 

    They make it seem like they are the first people to develop  treasure -- classes - races -- monsters -- Classes who use monsters as pets or charm them .. Craft people -- hoooo hummm -- yawn -

    If what you say is True, about the people behind the scenes .... YUK ! !   I hated Corpse Retrieval in ANY game ... I hate death penalties ... it is bad enough to have to be sent back to a bind location ... that is enough penalty ---

    I WANT TO take chances -- I want to Push the envelope -- I want to see how much I  can take -- that is the part of Fantasy Worlds that are fun .... having to lose everything I worked for at death is NOT FUN ... These are Fantasy Games -- THERE does NOT have to be a huge death penalty ....

    Oops I am digressing .... 

    I Will have to wait on this game -- there are 2 or 3 very, very, good games soon to hit the market with much, much more thought behind them then what Vanguard seems to have .... I am not sure Vanguard  will pull anyone unless they take 3 or 4  years to release it ... in which case there will probably be better ideas out by then also ...  

    Look to the stars to know HE is with us. HE hung them as markers, of times and of seasons.

  • TorlailyTorlaily Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 53Member

    Yes corpse retrieval is something that is likely to exist in Vanguard.image

    For those of you who prefer not to earn what you get in a game and want things to be boring and death to be without consiquences then by all means stay away and leave Vanguard for those of us who like REAL games.image

    The people behind Sigil games have been some of the most inovative talents in all of the gaming industry BY FAR>image

    However if you prefer to have everything handed to you on a silver plater an nothing taken from you when you do make a misstep such as dieing then this is not the game for you.image

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