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MMORPG lan games!

invicitusinvicitus Norfolk, VAPosts: 3Member


    I do know that the whole purpose of being a MMORPG is being massively online. However im going on deployment in 2 months and im going to be out to sea for 7. A few of the guys on my ship are gamers there's about 15 of us and we play on a lan. The only game we can seem to find is wc3 and counterstrike 1.0... not source -_-. Anyways, I was wondering if there are any suggestions for games that we could pickup prior to deployment that we can play that would be lots of fun. One of the guys said there are private servers people can create? Anyways if you think of a game that would be fun while were floating around the pond for half a year please respond.

   P.S I'm on 28.8k connection posting this so its very hard to lookup games. Also, the games need to be offline. Thanks for your time in advance.


  • frkhot97frkhot97 StockholmPosts: 393Member

    Get Neverwinter Nights, it works great for 7 players on a LAN. I assume most of you use laptops on a ship so Neverwinter Nights 1 would make a better choice than Neverwinter Nights 2 as the new one is VERY demanding of the hardware, plus you can find lots of adventures of to play at

  • LaunvatarLaunvatar IstanbulPosts: 127Member
    where did you find 28.8k connection I really wonder :)


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  • invicitusinvicitus Norfolk, VAPosts: 3Member
    Thanks a ton im slowly looking up the game now. BTW I just noticed I should have posted in the off topic forum image
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