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Neocron 2: Interview with Christian Schuett

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

The Community Manager for Neocron 2 took the time to answer our questions in this new Interview. This is a re-publish of yesterday's top story that was lost in a database error yesterday afternoon.

image In July you ran the Masters of the Universe Event. How did that work out for players and developers?

Christian Schuett: Our players often have asked for explicit PvP events where they can pit themselves with other players. The content team has seized this chance to host the “Masters of the Universe” event, a tournament where players could fight against others within a special ingame arena and with a sudden death rule set. While in the first rounds, players fought versus players, the final round was the biggest challenge. The five remaining players had to step up against a Neocron Gamemaster of their choice and showed them that good gear isn't the only factor that counts in a heated battle. In the end most of the remaining players taught our Gamemasters a lesson in Player vs. Player combat and carried off the victory. Prizes for the winning players were rare items such as a special Wisdom of Ceres body armor.

Overall we are very satisfied with this event and we have received lots of positive feedback from the community too. This is motivating us to host more of these events in the future.

The full interview is here.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • TinybinaTinybina Boondocks, TXPosts: 2,130Member
    Sound interesting... Whats even more interesting is that Neocron doesn't have a forums anymore for 1 or 2.... Yet games like  DarknLight still does

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  • PoopyStuffPoopyStuff Somersworth, NHPosts: 297Member

    This game was dead when it was released.

    No advertising budget, when I played years ago there were 400 people in the whole server I was on.



    Grahpics engine sucked too...


    Go try another game.

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    Originally posted by PoopyStuff
    This game was dead when it was released.
    No advertising budget, when I played years ago there were 400 people in the whole server I was on.
    Grahpics engine sucked too...
    Go try another game.

    After trying the trial (and having to deal with click and buy trying to charge me for it the same day), I have to agree. The graphics make AO look like next-generation, there are almost no players on at ANY time, and the missions are an AO ripoff done poorly. This game should be dead and buried. Or at least free to play for the couple of sadists who think it's fun.

  • nakumanakuma New York City, NYPosts: 1,310Member Uncommon
    does anyone even play this damn game lol.

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  • GorukhaGorukha WarsawPosts: 1,441Member
      I BETAed the game back when.  Nothing like starting you off killing sewer rats fps style. No wait there was a better mob you had to fight. A SWARM OF FLIES.  Knifing a swarm of flies to death FTL

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  • Aison2Aison2 MarburgPosts: 624Member

    hey its not that bad and the fact that it is not again some fantasy junk is a big fat plus
    graphics were overworked afaik so there are also quite nice (better than ao imo)
    if you like shadowrun you might try it out, its fun for at least a short time

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  • AntiocheAntioche Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 132Member Uncommon
    I've tried this game twice. Both times it was extremely difficult to get a good idea of what to do next, there was a ton of lag as well. When I finally made it through the newbie intro, I went on some quest and was using the guidance system - like what is in eq2 with the transparent path to find your target. THe only problem was when I ended up getting killed and losing all of my gear along the way to some really high level mobs. To me this is just unacceptable. You'll never attract new players with that kind of beginning to a game.

    It is pathos we lack, and this lack of pathos makes the worlds we explore quite stale.

  • dege78dege78 Columbiana, OHPosts: 28Member
    I thought the game was interesting but I won't try it again until they get rid of click to pay as the billing company. Far to many problems with them. Supposedly they had been working on another system but that's been going on for quite a while now.
  • AmorphismAmorphism Tel AvivPosts: 101Member

    Originally posted by Tinybina
    Sound interesting... Whats even more interesting is that Neocron doesn't have a forums anymore for 1 or 2.... Yet games like  DarknLight still does

    Well, I think this - - qualifies as a forum.
  • GrismarGrismar OverveenPosts: 20Member
    I suppose running yet another trial wouldn't hurt and would only be fair to give Evol 2.2 a truly fair shot. But since I already tried that after the changes over the past 3 years, I don't expect that the problems they have had will be solved.

    NeoCron was a nice game, way back when. With some balance issues and quite a few bugs, it was still an enjoyable experience and I enjoyed it intensely for well over a year. But the bugs remained, even though devs rushed to tell the community they were on it. And the balance didn't improve a whole lot. Where other games managed to roll out expansion after expansion, NC players had to wait for one for over 2 years. And where patches to other games meant entire game rebalancings and structural improvements to the engine, NC remained bugged, laggy and unbalanced.

    What I'm saying is this: NC was ok when I first got in, but it was awfully outdated by the time I got out, with little hope for improvement (I eventually quit because a bug caused half my stuff to disappear and devs didn't respond to my pleas). In the three years since, I've tried their trial twice, noticing some changes to the new player experience and the addition of some standard 3D-effects to the gfx engine, but all the annoying bugs, disconnects and quirks still in place and gameplay hardly changed at all. It was outdated when I quit 2 years ago and it hasn't progressed at a rate anywhere near that of other MMO's, which makes it even more outdated now.

    It's a shame, but right now I'd rather see NeoCron scrapped and a new cyberpunk FPS MMO step up to the challenge. I would try any FPS MMO in a heartbeat, but NC (and Reakktor for that matter) has disappointed me once too often.


  • GrafvonRotzGrafvonRotz :)Posts: 27Member Uncommon
    I played many mmorpg and nc was the best one ever! yes its outdated but you never really played it i guess... the beginning was/is hard but after you know how it works.. it just rocks... yeah just killing sewer flies all the time.. right.. you saw the hole game... its a pvp game...

    its dead now because KK done not enough to keep it alive and all the players went on but it was the best mmorpg ever! not just stupid button click and done... it was a great mix between shooter and rpg...

  • TolotsTolots WormsPosts: 8Member

    As allready said there is of course a Forum you can reach on

    Although the Grafics arn't state of Art anymore it have some strong points.

    1. Its cyberpunk in a dark end time Setting after a Nuclear War with Mutants, Robots and Cybertechnology like a Hacknet Implants and other Stuff. No Elfes no Dwarves and no Orks! No shiny light woods with clear rivers shining in the moonlight while birds singing. NO HELL ITS A DAMM DEATH MUDDY TOXIC ENVIROMENT with Fallout Shelters
    mutated Crabs its dark and dirty its end time baby !

    2. The Combat system is Fps orientated like a Shooter. No Clicking Action with your mouse on some Combos and watching what happen. You have to Move , to aim and to dogdge yourself. However Skills determine how mutch Damage you recive when you got hit and how mutch Damage you deal or how long you need to have someone in Aimlock to have a good chance hitting. But you can compensate better ingame Skills and Equipment with playerskills. No ** Rp grab your gun and blast some Plasma Cells in the freaking punk blocking your way! This make it fun and unique to play!

    3. The remaining Community is amanzing if you a new Runner and you willing to get a understanding of the Game and really want to learn how it works you will get tons of help and advise for free. Asking on Forums will bring you more than a few Replys with Runners willing to take time and explain you everything.

    4. Servers arnt too full thats true but its far from deserted. There are enough clans , Factions fights and gatherings and there is more than enough space to imprint your Style and Influence on the Game World.

    The ONLY Point i have to agree with all former Posters is Click2pay. This payment method is really crap and you have only probems with them. They love to double book your Subscriptions or even love to book fees if you allready chanceld the service.

    But after all
    Neocron is a cool Game that offers a lot of Entertainment for its monney. Its also a Team Game and the grinding factor to become highlevel is extremly low compared to other Games.

    There are lots of Things you can waste Time and Monney on. Making über Guns with manny Sockets for Improvments or Collecting Rare Items or spending tons of Cash to pimp your Personal Apartments.

    This game is not death and when they finished the Evo2.2 it will truely rock the house again.

    Thats a game for people with balls. Its rude it have heavy language in the Npc Dialogues it have a lot of Sex and
    it have a lot of Playerkilling Action.

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