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Dreamlords: Interview with Jon Selin

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

The Lead Designer of Dreamlords drops in to answer a bevy of questions from the man who first spoke to him at E3 in May. Dreamlords is a unique MMORTS/RPG.

image One of the unique attributes to Dreamlords is the ability to give orders and farm for resources through the website; will this feature continue to be a part of the game?

Jon Selin: Absolutely. One of our major features is that the game is separated into two parts, and that the management parts are easily accessible through a browser, this is not something we are planning to change. In fact we have greatly expanded in this area with the recent updates. The web parts now contain a much more intriguing gaming experience which you can really dig into; You have a map where you can explore, build cities, attack monsters, etc, there's a fairly advanced market where you can place buy and sell orders, the crafting system is coming along nicely, the tech-tree adds long-term strategy, etc. Then we have the community side of things where you can talk to your friend in the game and plot schemes together and work out your combined strategies. A future update that is approaching implementation is a really neat ladder system which will give very detailed information regarding the top players in different areas as well as people who are close to you. It should add a lot more competition and rivalry in the game for those who like it.

The full interview is here

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  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    The major part of the game is it's biggest flaw: browser based. If it's in a browser, doesn't matter IE, Firefox, whatever; it can and will be hacked. Want to be the best? Just hack the other accounts and destroy their management. Doom and gloom? Yep. Sorry to piss on your parade. Just my opinion, but I'm sticking to it. I uninstalled the beta as soon as I realized the inherent dangers in this game. Everyone who wants to play it 'cause it's something different, be my guest. Although it's really not anything different. They just combined the traits of one type of mmo (client based) with bigger traits of that bane of mmos (browser based).

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