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General: MMOWTF: Thrones of Chaos Returns

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Dan Fortier's second column looks at the return of Thrones of Chaos and his thoughts on their latest reincarnation.

Yes, I'm back from the brink of oblivion to run some more fingernails down your chalkboard. This week I decided to shine a spotlight on a bit of news I found disturbing.

Recently here at we added a new game called "Thrones of Chaos," which according to the new developers is based only on the concepts and engine of the original title known previously by several other names including 'Mourning'. They stated that it was to avoid starting from scratch and building an engine from the ground up. They also promised to give all the people scammed in it's last incarnation a free lifetime account as recompense for the actions of the previous team.

You can read more here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios



  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXPosts: 489Member Uncommon
    I am curious about this game and understand the shadow hanging over it. Would be nice to see a longer piece than what this is. This article seems more like trying to get a discussion going that really a rant or giving any information. Wonder if this is really more about giving some coverage on the game.
  • Distortion0Distortion0 Sheppton, PAPosts: 668Member
    Seriously, get this guy off your site. He's nothing more than a fanboi for WoW and a haitboi for other games. His articles do not provoke thought, just fighting on your message boards between two groups of people who will never agree. Personaly, just out of hate for this guy, I hope Thrones of Chaos is the best thing since sliced bread.
  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAPosts: 3,440Member

    lol next week Eastern vs Western mmo's, or the tough question "What mmo should I play?"

    I think loudant decided to use the Mourning engine simply for publicity.  They are pretty much a no name company with no advertising or backing.  Just by using an engine that has been so terrible to the community, they can get alot more press then if they start from scratch.  I think it is a unique marketing tactic that would be great if they can pull it off.  From what I seen of the game, the characters are pretty good looking.  I like some of the hairstyles I have been seeing from them.  However, the environments still need alot of work to be up to quality.


  • MochnantMochnant Tallahassee, FLPosts: 18Member

    Sadly the author is not getting any better.  So the moral is a game with a jaded history is going to be a hard sell?  That is less insightful than I think readers deserve.

    Also, the author needs to lay off the cliches. 
  • OlanisOlanis DattelnPosts: 10Member
    booooring, this guy should get some work image

  • acmtalkacmtalk Boston, MAPosts: 405Member
    what about the same attitude with SWG? Or don't mmorpg considers NGE a type of "scam" and what they did to its players.


  • DravenDraven lovleand, COPosts: 29Member Uncommon
    It's a weekly column you retards, not a news piece. He has every right to rant and rave, thats what columnists do.....

  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Columbus, OHPosts: 1,164Member

    Originally posted by Draven
    It's a weekly column you retards, not a news piece. He has every right to rant and rave, thats what columnists do.....

    And we don't have the right to share our opinion of it? Go figure.

  • kyrawolfkyrawolf Fort Worth, TXPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    Usually I look forward to the editorials here, but this one said nothing, and said it with terrible grammar. As a minimum, staff articles and editorials should be proofread by someone other than the author.  Hopefully someone at least mildly literate.

  • penlaenpenlaen st louis, MOPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Mourning, eh? Aren't these the people who sent me a CD without an activation key?
    And the ones who didn't respond to my plea for help afterwards?
    I may have enjoyed their game more, if I was able to install it :)

  • BlueCoyoteBlueCoyote Granby, CTPosts: 244Member
    Who gets physically sick at the thought of an ill-fated game getting a second chance? Completely ignoring the fact that the game isn't opened up yet, I don't see how this actually affects him. Amusement, I can see. Bemusement, even. But the author of this so-called editorial sounds downright depressed about it. I had always thought of MMORPG articles as professional, not the rants of some drama queen.

  • NaarNaar crackville, CAPosts: 165Member

    Wow...poor guy could write War and Peace and people would still have some sarcastic remark. If he wrote "OMG NGE Suzor!!!11" you would still have people crying about how he was just trying to pander to the posters he and is fake etc.

    The artile was a bit short and you needed to know somewhat the history of Mourning, but was otherwise just how I felt about the situation. I thought it was cool the way allows it's writers to disagree with the way the site is run. Keep up the good work Dan, some folks are enjoying it. image


  • pambospambos NicosiaPosts: 6Member

    The post more or less is a warning and informations for the less educated in the mmrpg and I found it quite useful.

    I must say that the writer was a bit harsh .

    I believe everyone deserves a second chance and the time will show what they can deliver.

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    Considering he would probably not be allowed to call the game for the scam part 2? 3? that it is, I'd say he did good. Keep the guy around so he can laugh with the rest of us when ToC proves to be the same ol' shit with the same ol' devs.

  • AethiosAethios Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,527Member

    Originally posted by kyrawolf
    Usually I look forward to the editorials here, but this one said nothing, and said it with terrible grammar. As a minimum, staff articles and editorials should be proofread by someone other than the author. Hopefully someone at least mildly literate.

    Agreed. Some people can write about absolutely nothing and pull it off, and maybe even bring up a few good points in the process, but not this guy. His misuse of common cliches and grammar make me wince, and the topic didn't even have any information to make it worth suffering through.

    IMO, the article written previously about this game, when it was added back to the game list, was more informative than this nonsense.

  • LustmordLustmord Mt. Gilead, OHPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon

    Your little article should be aptly named MMOSTFU.

    That is all.

  • norse25norse25 edmonton, ABPosts: 98Member
    Hmmm.  I'm not sure which article you guys were reading, because I was intrigued with the whole "mourning" thing.  Not too sure of the history, but it certainly deserves a WTF.  BTW, I don't think the guy is WoW fanboi.  I think that many gamers like my self have come to this site a little tired of WoW, but it is still a great game for the masses; which is all he was mentioning.  Not all of us play EVE you knowimage

  • GorukhaGorukha WarsawPosts: 1,441Member
      Uhm does this vaporware game have fanbois already ? Whats with bashing of this article ? MMOWTF indeed.

    It's better be hated for who you are, than loved for who you aren't.

  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAPosts: 3,575Member Uncommon

    I don't think the article is as bad as people are making it out to be.  I've read better and worse.

    That being said, I too am a jaded gamer.  I've been disappointed many times...seen too many pretty screenshots and read to many promises that were later broken. 

    If I was going to guess though I would say that starting out with an existing game engine is an intriguing idea, but perhaps it would be better to start out with a great engine as opposed to one that is not so great.  For this reason I'm a bit skeptical of their success, but I hope I am wrong.

  • Lord_AraLord_Ara Mt Tabor, VTPosts: 73Member

    *raises hand*

    Hi I am Ara and I was scammed by Realms of Torment/Mourning/Realms of Krell: Mourning Gee Ill buy this one yup yup yup. Oh wait this isn’t the MMO scam victims anonymous meeting. I was Site Manager for a mourning site back when the game was first incarnated and got the pre-order shaft like so many others. Least I got to see the game many others that pre-ordered never even got that. This incarnation will have to be something awesome for me to even use the alleged lifetime free account they say Ill get for being in the first batch of idiots ..... ooops I mean pre-orders. I still have origonal box art in my office that never made it on the box oh I mean cd case. I did hear from the new team though about two months ago. I got a PM from someone telling me to delete a sig file I used at Warcry because a peice of it was their artwork.

  the end there was no Good and Evil only living and dead...

  • ZorvanZorvan nowhere, CAPosts: 8,912Member Common

    You should go into the forums here that they cried so much to get. They won't even post. It's 99% people who see right through 'em. Myself included.

  • Lukane77Lukane77 Tampa, FLPosts: 32Member

    I love how everyone reads these articles and suddenly become grammar, content, paragraph design, editorial expert critics... in their own mind. 

    Yea Yea, I know a flaming is coming. 

    Seriously people, these articles are meant to be entertaining and stir the pot a bit.  Read 'em, Enjoy 'em or Not, and then go read something else.  Personally I love reading someone's opinions who is as sarcastic and cynical as me.  This guy is not going to rate games with the number scale, he's going say the game is fun, or it blows.  I can apreciate that.  I may not always agree with this guy, but I hope he keeps writing.

    As for the whole Mourning topic, ask yourself: Does a company's history matter to you when you buy a game?  If, say, SOE hired a totally new staff and decided to run a game would you play it? 

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  • kvariumkvarium Quebec, QCPosts: 33Member Uncommon
    Every time I come to read the responses to an article posted here people are more interested in bashing the author then discussing the content of the article.  Why is that?  Did you all send your resume to and never got a call?  If you think you can do better then by all means, write an article on the same subject and post it here, I'd love to read it.

    So, anyone know the story behind this "mourning" game?


  • DanmannDanmann Staff Writer Up North, WAPosts: 261Member

    For any newcomers who missed the speeding train wreak the first time, I present you with a good place to find the details I didn't include:

    Notice: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the reviews of or its management.

  • Lukane77Lukane77 Tampa, FLPosts: 32Member

    Wow, thanks for the link Dan.  Not a lot of us knew the full extent of what you were talking about.

    My Personal Favorite:  Server is back up!  Enjoy!  P.S. We are going pray that it does not crash.... 

    Best Dev quote ever.

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