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Face of Mankind: Interview with Marko Dieckmann

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

The Managing Director of Duplex Systems drops in to answer questions from Staff Writer Garrett Fuller about his sci-fi MMP that launched in March '06.

image Player crafting is always very important for MMO players. How has crafting grown in the game and what areas can players expect improvement?

Marko Dieckmann: The economic cycle has always been one of the most innovative features in Face of Mankind. Everything in the game has to be produced by the players. This creates very dynamic markets and gives a lot of power to the players. We only control the basic prices for raw materials along with basic mining and production costs. The rest is controlled by the Dominion citizens. Each faction can define tax rates on the colonies they own. The economic cycle is closed, which means all money that is spent will go somewhere else and won't be lost.

A few months ago we introduced the new real-time mining and production system and we've balanced it a lot since then. The only thing we still need to introduce to complete a believable economic cycle is item decay. Item decay means that items that cannot be destroyed, used or emptied (such as weapons, implants, clothes etc.) will age and at one point become unusable. This feature is on our to-do-list.

The full interview is here.

Dana Massey
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  • Snake_EyeSnake_Eye Den HelderPosts: 5Member

    Hey guys,


    I am playing Face of Mankind for a LONG time now and I can just tell you all 1 thing: It's the best game I have ever played in my life! So please come playing it ;)


    -Detective Yendor Arcanii, (Detective is a Rank 4 of the Law Enforecement Department, which are the cops)

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  • donz0rdonz0r ZutphenPosts: 101Member
    Nice, but knew most already anyways
  • ConnoisseurConnoisseur Null, CAPosts: 273Member

    Great interview. You guys should do more exclusive content on FoM in the future. Nice work and DPS.

  • Dru72Dru72 NorthamptonPosts: 57Member

    Great interview. I used to play/test the game but gave it up for reasons. After reading this interview though I may end up going back to the game. it was well worth it at one stage and it looks like it might be again :)

  • grazhoper19grazhoper19 Olla, LAPosts: 1Member
    I've played on and off several times, and from the looks of things I'll be coming back again. I can't wait to see how that "tactical gameplay" works out, it's been my biggest complaint thus far.
    Can't Wait

  • JonathJCenJonathJCen Galveston, TXPosts: 193Member
    Marko Dieckmann:

    Combat has always been a key aspect in Face of Mankind, since we incorporate a truly real-time FPS system. Several improvements have been made, for example more accurate hit box detection. You can now aim exactly at specific body parts like the head, shoulders, torso, arms, legs, feet and even hands and the server will recognize these hits accurately and calculate damage based on armor, used weapon and ammunition type.

    As far as I know, there are not many other MMOGs offering such a detailed system, maybe not even one.

    There amay not many but there's a game far more detailed with damage calculations, and that's WWII Online. Every vehicle is modled out with armor ratings variating from polygon to polygon, what ammo can penitrated it at what calaber, range, angle, etc. It also takes flak into acount.
    For infintry, where you get hit, and by what exacly, effects how much stamina you lose for quick movement or for your accuracy in aiming, or if you are manning some sort of vehicles, it effects your ability to operate it (having the stamina to move things around, etc). Your vision is also effected.

    Not to discredit their system, I've not tried Face of Mankind since a beta long long ago, but I have to point out there ARE detailed systems, and they go into great detail

  • Mikey0002Mikey0002 LijaPosts: 97Member
    But planetside is a good example of a game which doesn't have a system like that. But has better FPS fast paced action then FoM.

    WWII Online is probably the best example for a really detailed system of how to kill something.....but really buggy.

    Have to put something up!

  • Fa|conFa|con Pickerington, OHPosts: 57Member
    I miss this game soo much :(

    Falcon - AKA Jack Varkson, Ex LED Rank 6

  • javertjavert Los Angeles, CAPosts: 19Member
    Good to see a familiar game holding up well.  GG DPS.

  • AntiocheAntioche Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 132Member Uncommon
    Every time I read about this game I get excited about the cool stuff that is possible in it. Then I remember how lost i felt the first time I tried to play it. :0 Still this game sounds great. It would be great if the graphics could get a nice overhaul at some point, I remember them being kind of lackluster. Anyway thanks for the good questions and responses. :)


    It is pathos we lack, and this lack of pathos makes the worlds we explore quite stale.

  • UbermanUberman Denver, COPosts: 340Member

    Originally posted by Antioche
    Every time I read about this game I get excited about the cool stuff that is possible in it. Then I remember how lost i felt the first time I tried to play it. :0...
    Truthfully, we need games like that.  It caters to a type of player that is quickly turned off by hand-holding games like World of Warcraft.  The types of players that like the hard-core sandbox model are the same types who stick to a game forever, and who are the most happy to help the new player who feels lost.  I think it has been beautifully proven by the likes of SOE and what they did to Star Wars Galaxies that a game's veteran players are the real force behind bringing in the new players, not the advertising.  A game's satisfied player base is how it survives and grows.

    I'm still wandering, looking for a new home since SWG was butchered at the beginning of last year.  I think FoM has potential to be it after Milestone 2 is published, and I'll give a look-see then.  If it turns out to be what I'm looking for, I will definitely be bringing people with me.

  • jjlax328jjlax328 haha, AKPosts: 4Member
    All in All though...when I spent my time playing/testing the game before it went P2P, I just didn't think it was solid enough for their to be a growing base of players who actually would PAY for the game.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT!  It works in such an innovative way and the faction oriented gameplay added a solid role playing element to the game that a lot of others don't provide.

    Still, it was clear to me that it was NOT worth paying monthly for a game that continuously was buggy...and after reading this interview...I feel the slow start is because of this.

    Then again...maybe I just really really enjoy FREE things image

  • MidavegMidaveg Petaling JayaPosts: 296Member

    best sci-fi RP MMO ever made. But i am glad to see they implement a better hit box detection.. remind me of me aiming head and doing less damage.... heh.

    All canceled. Waiting on Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning.

  • EndemondiaEndemondia SalfordPosts: 231Member

    This looks better than Project Entropia...i am heading in to Face of Mankind in 2 weeks...

    skills based and body targeting...well worth a look.

  • SilencerCapSilencerCap TallinnPosts: 2Member
    Too bad game imo. Ojom is slacking too much. I can't even subscribe an account ,lol gg. And lol community sucks ass. Too many hackers aswell. Flying around, using aimbots. They need a lot of GM to get this shit working ,but ofc they never will.
  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAPosts: 1,916Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by SilencerCap

    Too bad game imo. Ojom is slacking too much. I can't even subscribe an account ,lol gg. And lol community sucks ass. Too many hackers aswell. Flying around, using aimbots. They need a lot of GM to get this shit working ,but ofc they never will.
    I suspect that you are one of the 'hackers' you are talking about... but you do have a good point. The publisher (OJOM) has prevented any real action against hackers. In thier effort to avoid problems, they have caused more by not allowing the GM's to take hard and fast action against those that cheat. This means that all the players suffer, while waiting for action to be taken. It does eventually happen, but often only after a the cheaters cause problems in the game.
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