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Whats good about it

RurouniAngelRurouniAngel Stockton, CAMember Posts: 11

So What is good about this game?



  • Mx.OMx.O West Valley City, UTMember Posts: 4
    Call me crazy, but it looks like a generic knock-off of Ultima Online.
  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLMember Posts: 2,991 Uncommon
    I haven't seen the game in a few years, but I think their original pitch was that people/companies can license the game from them and run/operate their own server. I think their business model may have been ahead of its time. It seems a small matter of time until we start seeing turnkey MMOG kits out there.
  • OdseusOdseus Eugene, ORMember Posts: 28 Uncommon

    T4C is a community based uo clone.  It had a time and a place in mmo history, that has long since past.
  • LynxJSALynxJSA Sarasota, FLMember Posts: 2,991 Uncommon

    So you feel there is no future for turnkey MMOG solutions?
  • OdseusOdseus Eugene, ORMember Posts: 28 Uncommon
    It is possible to do a turn key system like t4c was.  But you must have the tools to be able to make the game your own, to be able to put more content, run events make things lively and interesting compared to another server running the same game.

    The problem with t4c is it was little known game to begin with and the content releases/bug patches were excrucitatingly slow.    I would be surprised if 1 in 5 servers made money on it.

    I know t4c is now doing this but for me and a lot of other players the ship has sailed especially with 2d games. 

    Now if your talking about a daoc or wow clone with a toolkit? Hrmm that would be a very interesting proposition.
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