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ArchLord: New Q&A

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common is pleased to present a brand new Q&A with the development team over at ArchLord. Codemasters, the company responsible for this MMOG which is currently in the Beta phase of their development, took the time to answer Staff Writer Garrett Fuller's questions. With Beta coming to a close what are your plans for release?

ArchLord Dev Team: Everything here at Codemasters Online Games is starting to gear towards the release of ArchLord. The biggest initial step for us is the end of BETA event, this is the chance for all our BETA testers to help us stress test the game and take part in a massive PvP battle! For those of you not aware of what we are doing; We are hosting a large scale PvP battle on Sunday that will see players align themselves to one of four champions. They are then due to meet on the battlefield and take each other on till one champion remains! I personally am really looking forward to the event and hope to see lots of our testers there.

As we build towards the launch we obviously working hard on things like post-launch in game events, competitions and new content as well as other issues. The great thing about MMO’s is their constant evolving nature so we are always looking for ways that we can improve ArchLord and get players more involved in the game. We are looking forward to releasing ArchLord in October and hope to see all our BETA testers in the full retail version of the game.

You can read the whole article here.


Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • crabdogcrabdog KabinburiPosts: 30Member
    Like so many of the new MMO games, Archlord looks really nice but at the same time is just incredibley BORING. During the beta i could not force myself to play for longer than 30 minutes before feeling sleepy and logging out. After watching the nice intro movies a while back all that I can say now is I was/am terribly disappointed in this game and do not plan to play it again.

  • ZeGerman1942ZeGerman1942 LondonPosts: 199Member
    I was even quite dissapointed by the looks to be honest.

    I had everything up on full and it still looked quite bland and dull.

    The game itself reminded me a lot of Lineage II, both in character modeling, quests and the "grind to death" factor.

    Totally agree with crabdog - the gameplay value of this is just not good enough. at least for me.

  • auutumnauutumn Perris, CAPosts: 14Member
    As a beta tester, I can atest that this game is not ready for prime time, regardless of what the dev team thinks. The biggest concerns for me is the lack of a good story and continuing story arc through the weak quests. The UI is appauling as it seems like the simply took RF Online (Another failure) and tweak it a little. The quests, crafting, social interaction aspects of the game are for all intense purposes, non-existant. There are still a lot of major and minor bugs with the game which won't be fixed for several months, given the horrible track record of the company. And don't except and support from customer service, they'll ignore you as they did me and my friends.

    So plz don't purchse this game and waste your money; wait a few months for their inevitable 14-day free trial to come out through FilePlanet. Play it then and then realize how right I am!
  • lupisenparislupisenparis Broussard, ORPosts: 185Member
    This game isnt about a story but rather emphasizing on allowing one person a month to wreck havoc since he is a tyrant of sorts.  It's the kind of game george bush would put out heheh, jk.
  • rakshasharakshasha Exeter, PAPosts: 15Member
    I played through this game in closed and open beta and its not going to go anywhere but the dusty shelf. There are a number of game ending problems that they should have had a hold on. One of these problems could completely isolate your character and make it unusable. Their support was like the mother in law you always wanted(almost never there but a house full of food unfortunately when she is there has that awful smell). After seeing 2 different versions of the PvP arena fights i hd absolutely no desire to play this game even were it free. Targetting what you want is nigh impossible., and PvP is who attacks first period. The crafting system is worthless as stuff breaks more then in Hero and takes far longer to assemble the materials. My recommmendation is dont buy,pay or play this game it will only infuriate you.

  • EndemondiaEndemondia SalfordPosts: 231Member
    this game typifies the poverty of Asian made games - why would any one play this when there are so many better games of its ilk to try out? Try Guildwars, DDO, Camelot, even crap like WoW and EQ are better in terms of graphics, playability and entertainment. Games are supposed to be FUN and Archlord, with its kak point and click movement system, is as about as fun as watching The North Korean News.
  • syanmarsyanmar BudapestPosts: 29Member

    Im really disapointed with this game. Bad graphics, lack of choices, you cant even choose your gender, elves can be only females, lack of classes, officially 8 but thats actually 3: fighter, mage, archer.  At the moment you can only move by mouse clicking, the keyboard controls are messed up.

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