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Fallen Earth: AGC: Hands-On

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Fallen Earth’s Lead Designer, Lee Hammock and Network Director Chris Pavlou were at AGC in the Vivox booth to give our own Aaron Roxby a demo of the game. Here is his report:

image Because your hands will be busy controlling your character during combat, the developers are adding Vivox Voice Over IP as part of the basic client. When you join a party, you will be automatically added to a special chat channel for that group. Microphone options can be changed via an in-game menu. In addition to in game chat, players will be able to enter the voice channel via their phones. When a new voice channel is created, it will generate a temporary phone number that can be accessed from any normal or cell phone. So if, for example, you are going to be running late to a schedule play session, you can call your group directly in game and let them know. Players will also be able to use external Instant Messaging to contact people in game. Private and public chat channels will be available as well. I was given a brief demonstration of the VOIP technology. A second player was logged in from a remote location and his voice came through clearly. While they were playing on a closed test server, the game seemed to run relatively smoothly, even with VOIP activated and the graphical detail turned up.

More can be found here.

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  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Newport News, VAPosts: 5,615Member
    I sometimes wonder how thoes models and enviroment they are using will rin on an Avrage computer.

    Also... FPS? like...really..or NGE faked..or Tabula rasa faked?

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  • sly220sly220 exeter, PAPosts: 605Member Uncommon


    dont know if i trust this one


  • Mo0kMo0k ReadingPosts: 37Member
    To me, this game sounds the bizz.

    If it can really nail the FPS style, and can add in a ton of content, as well as really capturing the trouser-browning Post-Apocalyptic survival genre, I think it's onto a winner.

  • RegusRegus AntwerpenPosts: 489Member
    If they can pul it off it would be gret but then i have to do a hardware update for like 500 bucks if i want to run this game on my computer. but sounds great to me

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  • wolphwolph Phx, AZPosts: 46Member
    This sounds great! Man, I can not wait for this game. Hurry up allready :)


  • complexiatorcomplexiator Den HaagPosts: 121Member

    It is FPS, ofcourse it should be FPS. But it is a relieve they say it is.
    VOIP implemented in the game. Nice feature. I hope it can reduce the lag.
    Crafting system. You make your own items. But I hope it is not based on a skill system like ryzom. That would just be another leveling system. But if it is like if you get the right materials everyone can make it then I sign up.
    PvP... not much info here except that you don't have to choose factions right away. However that does make me wonder how much is player controlled in these factions. Is it like guild wars.... or face of mankind.

    Anywayz, I'm going to play it. Just because I like the setting of the world. ::::24::


  • TymoraTymora Manorville, NYPosts: 1,312Member Uncommon

    I was excited to read that closed, internal testing began! 

    The FPS system will be a "lock-on" target type of action, keeping the fast pace of a typical FPS, but instead of the players quick reflexes and aim, a characters skills and attributes, gained by leveling, will determine "hit or miss".

    The in-game voice sounds helpful since players will be busy controlling their characters.  After hearing this, I wonder if the keyboard will be an often used tool for controlling the character, or if it will be mostly mouse driven.  I usually like a mix of both, but if I can control the game mostly with the mouse, I can be lazy, playing with one hand.

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIPosts: 3,479Member Uncommon
    If this game actually happens, I'll be waiting at the front door the day it does.

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  • cerebrixcerebrix Orange, CAPosts: 566Member
    their end game concerns me w/ talk of this over time business. so basically to get our end game stuff youll get your big kill, then you may as well log out while a timer goes off (which im sure power gamers will have nailed and all over their forums in the matter of a month), play another game for a day or week or whatever, come back to kill again and get your next drop. holy timesink batman. if thats how it ends up the end game here is gonna be teh suck

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  • SalvatorisSalvatoris Fort Worth, TXPosts: 1,360Member

    Originally posted by remyburke
    If this game actually happens, I'll be waiting at the front door the day it does.

    Agreed.  I am happy to hear something from them... anything really.  I have read that they don't want to over-hype the game, and won't  say the release date and then have to rush to it or delay the agme... but I think they go way overboard the other direction.  The lack of info seems suspect to me.  When coupled with the amateurish website, devoid of and substantial info, it really makes me wonder if this thing is just a shiny piece of vaporware.

    Maybe DnL and Roma Victor just have my suspicions up about small developersdelivering what they claim to be capable of... but really, I think we can all agree that some info more often than every 4 to 6 months would be appreciated.

  • TinybinaTinybina Boondocks, TXPosts: 2,130Member

    Originally posted by Tymora

    I was excited to read that closed, internal testing began! 
    The FPS system will be a "lock-on" target type of action, keeping the fast pace of a typical FPS, but instead of the players quick reflexes and aim, a characters skills and attributes, gained by leveling, will determine "hit or miss".

    Thats all I needed to hear it will be the faked type FPS like Tabula rusa... Blah im so sick of this same ole same ole.

    Maybe one of these days some developers will have the courage to bring us the next great MMOFPS.

    As it stands right now this is looks like it will be just another Nerocron1 or 2 (take your pick)/ Tabula Rusa / Face of Mankind clone.

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  • RazorbackRazorback OutbackPosts: 5,253Member

    I was initially pretty dissmissive of this game, but it has stuck around and the more details I hear the more I like the sound of it.

    Ive even got a feeling its a sleeper because it is certainly defying the usual development trend in MMOs where the hype is so impossibly high that the game can only ever dissapoint.

    Crafting sounds very nice and sensible. Cant wait to hear more.

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  • MX13MX13 Chicago, ILPosts: 2,489Member
    This game keeps looking better everytime I read about it... the future of Complicated, Deep MMO's is looking bright again...

    I'll start my own SWG... with Black Jack... and Hookers!!!

    In fact, forget the SWG!!!!


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