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General: AGC Blogs: Carolyn & Aaron

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Aaron Roxby and Carolyn Koh deliver the final blog entries of our AGC coverage. Aaron comments on his last day, while Carolyn looks at days two and three.

Well, it is all over. I can no longer say that I have never covered a video game conference. AGC was a convention that I would describe as “nutritious”. As was previously stated, it is sort of like the Bizzarro world E3. The booths were low key, it was relatively quiet and people were there to work and get work, not to play. Not too much anyway. The panels I attended were almost all excellent and I found myself learning quite a bit.

On the last day, I met with folks from Uru Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Galaxy Life. All three looked are trying to offer that rarest of things in the MMO industry. Something new. Expect in depth coverage of those games soon.

You can read more of Aaron's blog here.

Carolyn's two entries are available here.

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