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I love solving puzzles and hugging strangers

ZerogenumZerogenum Naples, FLPosts: 391Member

I think i'll sit this one out guys ;D

Zerogenum - MixMatched BH Carbineer Template of the Gods, Kettemoor PRE CU SWG.


  • 4dak4dak Spring Grove, ILPosts: 1Member

    one there is no hugging emote in uru that i know of.

    two it is just solving puzzles with friends and exploring an almost dead ancient civiliation

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    Hugging?  We get to hug?  I just saw someone really hot in the cavern, ummm, brb.

      Sadly, no physical contact in there. 

    And it also depends on your understanding of the word, "puzzles"

    It's a lot more challenging (and interesting and immersive) than simply line-up-the-colored-balls kind of stuff.

    Have you played any of the MYST games?  Because I was about to give examples but I didn't want to air spoilers.

    These puzzles are more about being able to change your perspective and look at things in a new way. 

  • wolfsaberwolfsaber cherry hill, NJPosts: 29Member
    oh so you can't pick up a item an wack some one with it how sad an i though taking over uru was going to be fun ............................... j/k
  • Taltos_ZadoqTaltos_Zadoq Portland, ORPosts: 11Member

    That is one of the reasons that I'm looking forward to this game so much.  No combat. 

    Maybe we can finally have a decent, civilized game where people don't feel the need to kill every moving thing, and the common thread is "gain levels, more power, etc".  It's going to be a great big breath of fresh air!

  • boognish75boognish75 lancaster, NYPosts: 1,540Member Uncommon
    i agree this game has me hoping for the best on the whole fresh air thing, and i am a fan of the myst series, i am a bit tired of the pwned crowd even though i am a big culprit in that crowd hehehe, but this looks like the ticket out, i always preferred chess over checkers .

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • Taltos_ZadoqTaltos_Zadoq Portland, ORPosts: 11Member
    Boognish, if you haven't take a look yet, check out and get involved with the community there.  It's incredibly open and everyone is anticipating the open beta which should start soon!
  • boognish75boognish75 lancaster, NYPosts: 1,540Member Uncommon
    ok i sighned up and posted on the uru threads ty for the directions on how to get there, i almost took  a left instead of a right, and i swear someone was turning the roadsighns on my way there.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • Noga56Noga56 East Helena, MTPosts: 1Member

    I have played the first uru live back when they first tried it and it is nice that there is no combat. The most I ever saw was when people kicked cones at each other. The game itself is increadbly open to interpretation and imagination if you wanted to get with a group of friends and go explore you could create your own story, in the process you could actually effect the main story line a little if your timing is right. The community effected the whole uru game because of the want for it produced by the commuity as a whole so anything is possible. I agree with the "breath of fresh air" idea it is a great break from the grind of other games.


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