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Rawr, read this.

Xerion12Xerion12 Riverside, CAPosts: 371Member
I have a Nokia 6101,  would it work?  o.O



  • DarkchronicDarkchronic CambridgePosts: 1,088Member
    Nope. :(

    No Userbar here, sorry to disappoint.

  • SicarimSicarim Evansville, WIPosts: 219Member
    i hate you because you said rawr
  • SeNsaToR1337SeNsaToR1337 BrisbanePosts: 36Member
    Series60 devices
    Nokia N-Gage
    Nokia N-Gage QD
    Nokia 3230
    Nokia 3600
    Nokia 3620
    Nokia 3650
    Nokia 3660
    Nokia 6260
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 6620
    Nokia 6630
    Nokia 6670
    Nokia 6680
    Nokia 6681
    Nokia 6682
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia 7650
    Panasonic X 700
    Panasonic X 800
    Sendo X
    Sendo X2
    Siemens SX1
    Lenovo P930

    Sony Ericsson devices
    SonyEricsson Z500
    SonyEricsson K500
    SonyEricsson F500
    SonyEricsson K700i
    SonyEricsson Z1010
    SonyEricsson V800
    SonyEricsson Z800
    SonyEricsson K600i
    SonyEricsson K750
    SonyEricsson W800
    SonyEricsson P900
    SonyEricsson P910
    SonyEricsson S700

    This version may run on other devices that meet the following requirements:

    - Screensize: 128x160, with 4k Colourdepth

    - MIDP 2.0

    - Capability to establish a socket connection
  • ArxonArxon Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    I want to see these graphics on a PC version! Hehe, that'd be awesome!

    "Can't... Sleep... The Carebears... Will get... Their way..."

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