Java Edition Beta!

DarkchronicDarkchronic CambridgeMember Posts: 1,088
TibiaME Java Beta Test

Yep, TibiaME is going to be released on all phones that support Java, which means most phones released in the last couple of years can play it. It's quite a fun game, just don't play for too long if you're on a pay as you go payment plan, date transfer fees are expensive.

No Userbar here, sorry to disappoint.


  • warzone100warzone100 Strongsville, OHMember Posts: 63
    I can't get the WAP site to work on my phone.  All the the other WAP sites I try to goto work.

  • ellemnistellemnist tornoto, ONMember Posts: 3
    hey if i had a free browsing plan for my cell does that mean i can play TibiaMe totally free of concerns???
  • justmyselfjustmyself Jelenia GMember Posts: 104
    yeah. you can.

    its free game. only fee is internet conncetion, if its free, gaming is completly free :)
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