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9Dragons: Clan Feature: The Heavenly Demon

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

In the fifth of six clan features, Acclaim provides us with a look at the Heavenly Demon Clan. Check back in one week for the finale when we feature a journal and images of the Wu-Tang Clan.

image Heavenly Demon Clan was founded by a cruel, ambitious warrior who, in defiance of The Imperial Emperor and his court, self-proclaimed himself The Emperor Heavenly Demon and waged holy war against all governing factions. It is whispered by many that Emperor Heavenly Demon truly was possessed by demons as a child, and certainly any who had witnessed his ferocity in battle, would attest that this was true. His proclamation, “A land governed by the depraved must be conquered through depraved justice, only through fire may it be cleansed!” sums up the clan’s collective philosophy.

Disciples of Heavenly Demon are ruthless warriors who believe themselves to be above the laws of The Land. Without mercy they maraud and seize power in the name of their leader. Masked and deadly they are as secretive and mysterious as any religious cult. Lower level disciples who join the clan are often those who hold a dark karma within them, one that would not be welcomed by any White Clan.

You can read more here.

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  • FiresealFireseal Saint John, NBPosts: 5Member
    Wow, this clan would most likely be compatible with power-hungry people like me.  If this game would allow creating more than 1 character, I think my 2nd character who be from this clan.
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