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Talesweaver [New MMORPG]

AmunetAmunet Sunrise, FLPosts: 136Member

althought I understand Talesweaver [A Korean Game] Is In a different language, I did forgoet to mention one of the largest English Communites in most foreign MMORPG's go there! Check it out,

-English Play Guide

-Registration Guide

-ENGLISH PATCH!! =Yes Its cool=

-all Different Guides For LEveling, Crafting Etc.

-a few thousand English players forum ^_^




  • AmunetAmunet Sunrise, FLPosts: 136Member
    Oh! and no KSSN, So Its LEGAL! *Woot*



  • JiraiyaJiraiya SingaporePosts: 150Member
    I've tried it few months ago. Even with the patch and the many guides available, its still frustrating to play a game thats in a language that you don't understand. (The patch i used only translate the items, not the npc dialogues. Not sure about the one u mentioned though). I think the english version is coming out soon, cause talesweaver is under the 'coming soon' section of nexon english webpage. For those who wanna have a first look at it could go ahead and download it. imageimage

  • RasukeRasuke Hendersonville, NCPosts: 362Member

    I've known about Tales Weaver and that site for a while... I considered playing it but in the end decided I would wait for the english version because like Jir said, it's on the coming soon page of Nexon's main english site... but I would rather them finish Maple Story first lol... I know it kinda seems like it'd be stupid but I think it would be a nice new approach to a mmorpg because I can't think of any other like it.  (and by it I mean completely 2d like a platformer... only a mmorpg...)

    Anyway I second what Jir says even though I didn't try it... unless it's all in a language you can understand or there's a pretty good amount of people who speak the same language as you playing it then it is really fustrating... and I mean REALLY....

    I'm back I think... get over it.

    image image image

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