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ToA !!!!

phunkymunkeyphunkymunkey York, MDPosts: 83Member

Wow nice new emoticons . . .

Anyway, for those of you looking to capture that "first-time" feeling you experienced with RPGs or MMORPGs, may I hartily recommend  Of course its a dark horse and still in development, but the forums are the friendliest I have EVER been a part of and the immersion from the get-go on those boards is fantastic.  It's open-ended design is such that entire COMMUNITIES are now forming, history and all, prior to its release. 

I haven't had this much fun since Classic UO, and its on a FORUM NO LESS!!  Cheers to the dev. team @ ToA image.

-tengusan image

Permadeath and environmental challenges are the next great step in the evolution of MMORPGs. Only through true adversity will one feel accomplished. Only in truly knowing you can die will true adversity present itself.

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