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Second Life, etc.

TheodorosTheodoros Toronto, ONPosts: 38Member

Can anyone tell me more about Second Life? For example, the pros and the cons of it, $$$, recommendations when starting out, personal gameplay stories, etc.

Any info on Active Worlds and There would also be greatly appreciated.


  • rathmarathma Toronto, ONPosts: 3,872Member

     I downloaded Second Life and gave it a try.

     The graphics are decent. I think the idea of creating ANYTHING you wish is possibly the best idea you could ever have. Only problem is that the controls are pretty hard to use and really gets in the way of playing. Flying around is a little weird.

     If a big company took on an idea like this i don't see why it could be one of the best mmo's.

     One thing tho. It's not an RPG. It's more of a 3d chat, but give it a try.



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