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A tale in the burning sun

CptFoleyCptFoley Levittown, NYPosts: 34Member

( I've played ATITD II and III, i only played III for 1 day, but i played II as long as i could, it was fun, i had contact with some good people, a guild, and all i could remember of them was that they were located in Sinai right near the river and temple, to the right of the main road near some water and a hill, i sure miss em)

I've always hailed the pharaoh, praised him, prayed to ask for good things, but now, am i praising for a good reason?

It was a dry day, like none the rest. Often, the floods often cooled the area surrounding my home. I've always loved the Nile, and its floods too. I Survived on them. For i could not make the few bits of money i need without their flood, to enrichen my crops.

But today, the waters stay within the riverbed, the flood was weak, beyond what i have seen, or my parents, or even my grandparents seen in their lifetime! and some over-crazed ( Or over-drunken) fundamentalists rioted the streets! Demanding Hapi, god of the Nile, come down and revive the flood himself. The Pharaoh's security and police quickly took care of them, but now the aftermath, the overcrowding courts of now poor farmers like myself. Wishing for Aid. Some Asking, Some Demanding, some begging...

Myself however, i get a 10 minute hearing, and i am quickly dismissed, i was slow with my request, they said, and ran out of aid to give. When the tax collector came, that is when i became more resistant

I first asked for a passing, he said no. He claimed that the constant aid being sent out required raised taxes and no passing... I was angered. I was kicked out into the streets of the city, i threw rocks at the collector and in my anger and blindness to law, found myself within prison for two sun rises, the longest of my life

But then i found out being a poor homeless man on the street lasted even longer


I walked outside the station, i was still a free man, but now poor and had nothing but the clothes on my back. I looked up and to my surprised, a group of men were heaving a load of bricks up to the top of the new Pyramid in order to bury the to be dead pharaoh. Amazing how they spent more deben on monstrous structures to bury a demi-god and not even spare a little few to help the poor and needy. I slowly walked through the streets but it soon became impossible, my feet began to blister and the suns heat became invigerating and i couldnt stand it, i walked into a senet house.

The large building was cool and laughter filled it, it was a place for temporary enjoyment when you needed to walk out of sadness. The Smell of Ale passed through my noise and at my lips. Two Elder men were playing senet and 3 were drinking their sorrows at the front of the building, 2 nobels were chatting in a corner, it was a slow day. I sat and caught the breath of my body and cooled off, i couldnt think of much to do but go sign up for some low garbage job such as being a monument aid in construction, or helping somone At the bazaar. My life was in shambles

Then it happened.

It first sounded like a parade, but nothing was planned today, it would have been in the senet house, which he was in, a deep horn blare, sounding like it was from the east, then a large stone boulder came from nowhere and crushed the station i was at only a couple of hours ago

The City was under Attack.


  • CptFoleyCptFoley Levittown, NYPosts: 34Member

    Everything began to move so fast i almost fell on a half-drunk man. First the Brigade arrived to check fro flames or anything wrong. Then 2 men came with clubs, scouts for the army, it was a blessing in desguise, either the army is here or the army will come once they approve of a size they can cope with. I ran quickly to the nearest thing i considered safe, away from the artillery, the Temple.

    The Building was booming of the crashing boulders outside inside its halls, some priests walked passed me, i just walked over to a bench over in the main hall and sat, trying to grab a-hold of myself. Right now, i am in the middle of a seige, how great is that? I can't believe these armies of the Middle East made it here in search of our fertile grounds, i wanted to pray, but i knew it wouldn't help so i just sat there, begging for some kind of sign everything would be okay, but nothing came

    I was surrounded by priests running for their lives and i did not know what would happen next

    why do the gods betray Egypt?

    Now i am sounding like one of those maniacs

    i close my eyes and sleep on the hard bench

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