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Eq2 beta?

KeeganKeegan Burleson, TXPosts: 53Member

Is it possible to still get into eq2 beta? and if so could some one give me a link and what there wanting for there beta testers? Thanks


  • GendailGendail Somers, CTPosts: 178Member

    I don't think they've started accepting applications for it yet. Here's the beta page on EQs site:

  • rathmarathma Toronto, ONPosts: 3,872Member

     Looks like they're behind on WoW.

     If WoW releases earlier than everquest II it will probably be the most sucessful MMO on the market. Can you feel the tension?!? image



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  • herculeshercules lancashire,blackpoolPosts: 4,893Member Uncommon

    Beta for EQ2 has not even been announced.

    Rumour has it the game went back to the drawing board because it had a lot of SWG ideas in it .IE more crafting ,poor adventuring,just a revemp of old dungeons,horrible questing.

    After SWG in which EQ fans gave it a massive thumbs down(everyone i met who just came from EQ to play the game i met left).

    So they have gone back to basic EQ with it and it needed lots of rewriting.

    Mind you it was just rumours but the beta has gone way behind  thats for sure for some reason.

  • zensaberzensaber Port City, NBPosts: 800Member
    most eq betas are done by ew subscribers, dout it would run on my PC any way lol got graphics of the PS3 lol

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