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EverQuest: Bi-Weekly Q&A #7

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Travis McGeathy, the Lead Designer of EverQuest, responds to five more questions as part of our bi-weekly Wednesday ritual. What’s happening with the community team? Since the launch of EQ, the number of live GM events went up, went down… are there spontaneous events anymore?

Travis McGeathy: The Community Team is always working on new and exciting in-game activities. You can find examples and announcements of events being run in-game under the Event Gazette. The Guide Program assists our team in making sure that all servers see all different types of events being run. Keep an eye out for our next festival - the Festival of Might. How are your plans coming along for the cultural system? Can you share more with us at this time?

Travis McGeathy: Ngreth is working on drop rate adjustments for the more problematic pieces with a goal of wrapping that up by the time the next expansion launches in September.

You can read more here.

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  • penlaenpenlaen st louis, MOPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    I'm not sure I like the part about changing death system and reducing downtime. I believe that slow pace of Everquest is one thing that makes it so social - no newer game I tried have the same feel. In addition, time sinks are one of the rasons EQ can be relaxing - as opposed to the hectic pace of RL.

  • Wind811Wind811 Ventura, CAPosts: 26Member

    OH I disagree with time sinks, its annoying to waste my time.  I have played EQ for 7 years and I just quit and retired my high raiding toon.  It takes too much out of my time now to play.  I dread having to level again, I dread having to deal with a class that is only worth rods and CoH, theres not much to look forward.  I think EQ has run its course.  I wish you all the luck in the game and developing better stats and necessary classes to everyone.  Pretty hard to retire when you have developed and grown a great character and the class is worthless in my opinion, compared to "important" classes such as clerics, melee, wizards, chanters point blank, possibly necros for the sake of mana but they are nukers too.  

    I am looking forward to Vanguard and taking a much needed break right now not by choice but because I simply got bored with the game and my character.  I just dont feel theres any challenges that make the game interesting anymore after 7 years, I dont see much change.   I play another game online  now that is free and that does it for me for a few hours if I get bored right now   I think its nice to have a class that has all the attributes of several EQ classes, healing, melee, developing different skills to be better in in different angles of the characters.  The questing is great so that experiencing doesnt seem so monotonus and boring.  There are quests with experience rewards and cash rewards for each level.  There are a few jobs to do and you get your choice at a certain level of what you want to do and the games begin, very simple but its a bit of fun for now.  Great concept really in a simple game.

    Anyway, I wish you developers the best in being and making  it better.   Good luck to everyone playing EQ and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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