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Do we need the original game to play Uru Live?

NickPaul64NickPaul64 East Aurora, NYPosts: 1Member
I have Uru CC and I beat all three games . After your three Journeys your relto looks absolutly delicious and you can collect a bit of reward clothing. I cherish my Avatar and adore my relto so I wanted to know if players keep thier progress from the original games.  Help would be appreciated.


  • DavidPTDavidPT Bedford, VAPosts: 5Member
    No, URU Live will be a seperate install when it comes out.  URU:CC progress will not transfer into Live as they are not compatible.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    But, on the upside, you get to wrack your brains trying to remember where that last page was stowed away while waiting for a new Age to open.

    I find it a fair price to pay to be sure that soon there will be new content.

    BTW, I hope everyone has Hyped this game at 11! (I wish it could go that high!)

  • adegkidadegkid Erie, PAPosts: 4Member
    And it's likely you'll be able to go through the puzzles with friends to help you out (which make them a lot easier to get through).  Yay for multiplayer!

    - Deg -

  • JackalCarlosJackalCarlos San Diego, CAPosts: 6Member
    I feel like I'm cheating when I get help when solving puzzles. Go figure.
  • jimmylegjimmyleg Reno, NVPosts: 1Member

    Are there any shared components between URU and URU Live?

    I too finished it all, got the cool Avatar, etc.  I played the free URU live, but not UU.  Man, I'm hoping URU Live has a bit more content than the first Live.  I'm ready to pony up for a few months.  Darn excited, really.

  • samsbasesamsbase Brighton and hovePosts: 7Member
    it has been confirmed that URU live will encorporate a free trial version enabling you access to relto and one neighborhood. Possibly more, this will be free of charge to download, no subscriptions required.

  • boognish75boognish75 lancaster, NYPosts: 1,540Member Uncommon
    very nice!! This seems like something the wife and I can enjoy together. I have been hoping for a game like this.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • Taltos_ZadoqTaltos_Zadoq Portland, ORPosts: 11Member

    This is a perfect game for ANYONE who is tired of games full of constant fighting/leveling/combat, etc.  It challenges your mind while enabling you to make great friends!

    If you have never tried a Myst/Uru game, I suggest picking one up!  They are fairly cheap now, and it will at least give you an opportunity to see what life inside Uru will be like.  (Granted, the graphics and environment will be much upgraded from the old games to this new one!).

  • EiaeEiae MbubePosts: 61Member
    Can the game be downloaded, or do we have to purchase one of those stupid boxes with CDs that are completely useless after install? image
  • mszvmszv not too far from Philadelphia, PAPosts: 41Member


    There are no game boxes - download only.

    Hope this helps.


  • AvisonAvison Orlando, FLPosts: 350Member
    Am I the only one who went everywhere in a maintainer suit?

  • MariMari Columbus, NEPosts: 5Member

    No, I saw a lot of maintainers in this game... come on in. The suits are not available yet, but as they are opening up new ages I am sure they will be needed.



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