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A lame Tale

WeeMeWeeMe UmePosts: 2Member

Don't ask me why I'm doing this... I really don't know that my self. I had never really heard about a mmo named "A Tale In The Desert" untill a few hours ago. "ohh, a contest... how motivating" so i read the rules, downloaded the client and loged on. I was clearly suprised as in how simple it looked in a first view. A few seconds later, after i had moved and tested the camra, I stumbeld upon the objectivs to become a citizen.

"A Citizen??" I thougt. "what am I now...? a slave?" After some thinking i decided that I am an outcast of sociatiy and i must work hard to make my family name known in all of egypt, *input random heroic pose*. After that i was a bit less known..., I wonder if you can be lesser known then nothing... That aside, a fast look at my objetivs to become a citizen, "Gather "something" at the shore", hmm. A quick look around and I see no shore, no...? whats that? I started runing. in a few secunds I see what "thet" was and it was a road... bloody road. A lage disapointment and an other look around i see a cuple of bilding and some trees. Buildings = settlement = water resourse = shore?

I had nothing else to do so i started running again. A few seconds later i stod at the shore. Hurray, the shore.
What now? after some consulting the objectivs lilst i found that i shall get something that is called "slate" or something. "slate"? What the *insert random ugly word* is "slate". So i started looking for what "slate" is in my mental dictionary. I got one answer: The word you are curenly serching for is not available, plz try again later"
Gaahhh.. after that brakedown i started gather everything i could find. so after a few minutes i had gatherd half of the dessert in my backpack. *I know that i cant really do that but let me dream a little.* Draging aroud half a dessert is hard work but people stil ignored me. I whent to the river to take a litle drink and mud for food.
After that meal I felt a "little" selfdestuctive, so I grabed the nerest tree and... "slate"... "SLATE" Yeay I have found it. In the victory of my succes checked slate of the list and looked on the next one "Learn how to.." GAAAHHH... Now i dident really think of what i did but.. I think I did a ritural suicide with the "slate" in my belly.
My last words where "I shall be reborn as the greatest being of all, f33r m3 l33t ski11s" my last thougt where "what the*insert random "nice" word for "nice" effect* is l33t, for crying out loud" then i let the darkness take me to the faq, for some questioning in the afterlife.

Why do i let my self ramble on like this? Why God, WHY?

*my eng is not the best but i hope you can read it anyway*

"What are they?"


  • ClintonioClintonio BasingstokePosts: 1Member
    It sounds to me like you had a bad start, if you talk in regional chat people nearly always reply. But sometimes there may be noone nearby, if then you should try to google a help site, one of the top pages is likely to be the Wiki, a big help site.

    And slate is something that exists in real life, it's some type of rock/stone often found near water. If you need help justtype /chat Clintonio in game. I am always around to help new people.
  • WeeMeWeeMe UmePosts: 2Member

    Yeah kind of. But i did find a fansite and i did play a litle and my computer can't take it... it lags like hell and i can't play for long in that state.

    "What are they?"

  • TzalaaTzalaa BristolPosts: 4Member

    It would probably help to turn the graphics settings of the game down. Click on yourself and select video to get to them. With my old graphics card it took a while to sort it but the game was very playable on a fairly low-spec computer.

    It IS a hard game to get started and many people struggle to begin with. It sounds as if you were in at a very quiet time of day, but Clintonio is right, say something in regional chat and people will try to help. It's worth another try. Good luck.  If you can't find Clintonio, feel free to chat me.

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